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Genetic modified food should be encouraged to use as public

Food plays an important role in the people’s life because people always need food to eat to get the energy so that they can do the movements, live and work daily. By seeing that food is very important for every life, they try to find modern method like the genetic modified food in order to increase both quality and quantity of food for people around the world. Genetic modified food should be encouraged to use because it gives many advantages to the people.

First, genetic modified food can make the people economic. The farmers will not spend much water for growing the GM crop because it uses less water. It can be grown all seasons even in the dry season. Moreover, it takes less land to grow more food. GMO crops can be grown to produce higher yields from the same croplands, so the farmers can grow many kinds of crops in the single piece of land and earn many profits. Anyway, the farmers will not need to spend a lot of money to buy the pesticides for their crop because GMO crops are more resistant to pests, weeds and other threats. It means that the famers can save and make more money because they will get more profits from their crops.

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Second, genetic modified food can save the important crop from extinction. It can live in all condition because it is injected the genetic material so that it fits to the environment that it is growing. It will not be impacted by the weather or the environment. In addition, it can against the pest or useless insects because it is resistant to them, so its seed can be stored for a long time and the virus or the bacteria cannot damage it. Furthermore, the people will continue to grow many kinds of crops because they expect to get more products, so all kinds of seeds will not extinct from the earth.

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Third, genetic modified food can reduce the food shortage around the world. It can give large amount of product because it is not interfered by any pest and weeds. Hence, it can intake all nutrients from the soil in order to grow fast and produce many products. Also, genetic modified food can be stored for a long time, so the people use it many times and it will be easy to transport to support the food in any place that is far away. Moreover, it is not expensive that all people can buy to support their daily life. Hence, all people will have enough food to eat.

Some people might say that the genetic modified food has bad effects on the people’s health. This point has some merits on the surface. However, genetic modified food can provide better health because it gives the people a complete nutrition. Multiple vitamins and minerals can be built into the crops by making it possible for people to get what they need with fewer foods and lower costs. Hence, the people who live in the poverty can get these food resources to maintain their health. It is important that we really need genetic modified food so that we can support food and maintain health of people around the world, but we still use non genetic modified food that we prefer because it is also grown and sold on the market.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of using genetic modified food such as, it makes the people economic, prevent crops from extinction and reduce food shortages around the world. When the genetic modified food is implemented, the people will not lack food anymore. All people should use it with their own responsibility.

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