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Global goals

By Margarita

Reflections on the trip to Irish Aid and the poster on a global goal

Some Background information in the global goals;

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The global goals have been created by all of the 193 UN Member States.

The Un Global Goals have been agreed upon within the year of 2015.

The Un beliefs that; if there is success in one goal there will be success in the others as all the goals interconnect.

The UN Global Goals believe that every living thing should have a happy and healthy life, and if possible carefree.

There are certain targets within each Global Goal and if each country and individual does their part by staying committed and working towards achieving the goals then they should all be completed by 2030, and generation to come may finally live in a great and prospering society.

Some questions and answers;

How did I participate during the trip to Irish Aid?

I participated during the Irish Aid trip, by asking questions such as ’When did the Irish aid set up?’ I also participated by playing and contributing to the decisions that occurred through out the game we played at the end of the presentation.

Did I enjoy the trip? What did I enjoy the most?

I definitely enjoyed the trip and would love to go again but I would like to try and get more involved next time ( if there will be a next time), overall the whole trip was fun especially seeing how much effort was put in to the presentation, that we listened to, however I mainly enjoyed the game that we played at the end because it was really interesting to see and feel for a moment how families have to make serious decisions to try and survive and how these in turn will impact that household. I also enjoyed the game because I was always on edge and thinking about what would be our next best strategy to do and why.

What did I learn that shocked/surprised me

Something I learned that surprised me was that, Ireland is actually playing its part in addressing poverty, injustice and damage to our planet and trying to reach the Sustainable Development Goals specifically in priority areas, however it is not enough that the government/Irish aid are doing the main work as it is the responsibility of each individual to do even the smallest thing to help us achieve the sustainable development goals.

How did I organize myself to prepare for this trip?

I organized myself to prepare for this trip by researching about Irish aid and what they do on the official website to try and get more of an insight on what they do and how they represent the Irish Republic, and how they contribute to the growth or rather the development of the Global goals, I also wanted to find out what their aim is and I did, their aim is;

This is one of the ways I prepared myself another way is asking my brother who had been to the Irish aid trip last year, to see if he can give me some pointers and what I may need to know for the trip, to answer questions etc.

Of the information you learned and researched before your trip, what did you find most useful and why?

From the information I learned and researched before my trip, I found that knowing the countries they work with and what they do there to be the most useful as most questions asked by the Irish Aid team and the start of their presentation at Irish Aid was more focused on the countries they work with and what they do in that particular country, and how it benefits that country. Here is a list of the countries Irish aid works with;

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5 facts that I learned during my trip

5 facts that I have learned during my trip to Irish aid include;

1) that in 2017, the Government had spent €743.42 million on Ireland’s aid program alone.

2) that the Irish aid is a division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and our aid program is an integral part of Ireland’s foreign policy

3) Ireland contributed 0.32% of GNP (Gross National Product) to ODA (Official Development Assistance)

4) Over 80 countries benefitted from Irish Bilateral ODA

5) From the OECD donors, Ireland provides the 12th highest per cent of its GNP to ODA.

What goal did I chose for a poster and why?

I chose goal number 9, Industry, innovation, and infrastructure, because this goal in my opinion is one of the most important as if we want to achieve goal number 1 (the no poverty goal, )then we will need a good economic system meaning we will need industry’s and business’s with good innovated ideas also, for a business or industry to be successful you will need good infrastructure for easier access to a businesses necessities, for e.g transport/road for employees and equipment to get to and fro from a business etc, that as why I think its one of the most important

What was so interesting about this goal?

This goal was interesting to me due to its goals targets such as ‘Increase access to financial services and markets ‘ and Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for substantiality ‘ also this one ‘Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies ‘ these targets were interesting to me because I wanted to find out how countries intend to turn these targets into a reality, and what action plan has been developed to make these targets a reality.

Do you think the global goals are a good idea and why?

Personally I do think that the global goals are a good idea because it makes countries think about all the problems were causing and it brings it to their attention allowing them to develop a good action plan as to how we can battle these problems and what each individual can do to contribute, and help in any way, shape or form. I also think the global goals are a good idea because I don’t necessarily think that countries and certain individuals would do anything about these problems, for e.g the life below water/ life on land problems such as all the litter being thrown away all around and not recycling which leads to animals dying from the plastic and litter, of course there are organizations and volunteer groups that would do something about this however they don’t have the power or impact that the government does.

Do you think they will be resolved by 2030?

I personally don’t exactly think that they will be resolved completely by 2030, as starting from the top goal, the no poverty goal it would be very difficult to eradicate poverty as it’s all over the world even in the most advanced countries, however I do think that if each individual was aware of the damage and problems that are occurring through out the world and if they contributed to helping fix these problems in any way than we could slowly make steady progress in each goal as they all interlink meaning if we have progress in one goal it will affect another, setting of a positive chain reaction. I do think that these goals are possible to achieve but not quite in the year 2030, I think that these goals will only be half done by the year 2050, but that’s if everyone contributes not only one individual.

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What could I do to make a difference in the world around me?

As an individual I could help make a difference in the world around me by;

Saving electricity by turning off appliances when I’m not using them also by using energy friendly light bulbs, recycling paper, plastic, etc, saving water by taking shorter showers, turning off the tap water while brushing teeth etc, not to overbuy food, as to not waste any excess foods, eating less meat, poultry and fish due to the fact that creating meat takes a lot more resources and energy than creating/producing plants, buying and eating seasonal products from local farmers to help boost the economy, Donate what I don’t use anymore for e.g any clothes, books, food etc.

If I was to do this poster again – what would I do differently and why?

If I was to do this poster again, next time I would try to draw more pictures, Colour the poster, to help make it pop with Colour, add more information and make it neater, I would do this because I feel like there was not enough pictures however that was mainly due to the fact that there was not enough room on the page, therefore next time I would probably add a third A3 sheet, I would add Colour as I shaded the pictures with pencil it did look nice however I do feel like it needed Colour to give it that extra notch, and the text was in typical pen Colour, and I would also make it neater so that its more clearer and easier to read.

Did I learn any new skills while at the Irish Aid center or while doing my poster?

I do think that I got a new Prioritizing, and stress management skills, however I mainly improved my skills such as when;

doing the poster I improved my art, writing skill, research skill and , Adaptability skill”,

while at the Irish Aid center I improved my teamwork skill, Listening skill, communication skill, Conflict management skill (as they’re was a slight argument/disagreement within my group when playing the game due to certain decisions but it was still fun), Decision making, and Logical reasoning”,

And Thanks to both I improved my Analysis skill, and Time-management, skill.

What are you most proud about?

I am most proud with the poster as in my opinion I think it turned out the best, and it is also the main item from my CBA that I put in the most effort, it was also the most time-consuming as some drawings took a really long time and I had to redo some of them because at the time I did not think it was of a good standard, however they did improve from then, it was also time consuming due to the fact that my team and I had to do some new research and analyze that information then I had to put it in my own words and I had to write it down.

Do you think your poster will raise awareness around your school and why?

I do think my poster will raise awareness however that’s only if people took some time and read it, and if they don’t do that, then I don’t personally think it would raise awareness due to the fact that there is no Colour making it potentially blend in to the walls. My reasoning as to why I think it will raise awareness, about goal number 9 due to the fact that there are statistics and facts backing up my statements, there is also some background information for those who don’t know what goal number 9 is, there is also Advice on how we can help reach this goal. There is a section on how countries can benefit from it which might inspire people to make goal number 9 a reality and there is also a section on How it is relevant to our lives everyday for people to get a better insight on it.

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What else could you do to raise awareness of the work of Irish Aid and the Global Goals around your school?

To raise awareness about the work of Irish Aid and the global goals we could potentially paint a wall with the drawing of a globe and the global goals surrounding it as this will bring attention to the wall and it might peak your interest to look it up, or we could put up eye catching posters about Irish aid and the global goals. We could also create power points, explaining and talking about the Irish aid and the global goals and present them during tutorial, we could also have bake sales or hold an event for Irish aid and the global goals where people from Irish aid can come in and tell us what they do and how it may benefit and effect us. I personally can also tell my friends who don’t know what the Irish aid is and can tell them about it.

How did your ‘family’ survive during the game at Irish Aid? What shocked you/ surprised you during the game? Was there any point where you were disappointed during the game?

My ‘family’ during Irish aid survived good as we at the end had the most food, although from the amount that we started with (13), we did go down, however we still finished with the most amount of food (9). Something that surprised me was that when we had to choose whether we wanted an irrigation system, or cart, or.. , etc you might think that the irrigation system will potentially help you out the most however that was not the case as with most of the situation cards, players who had a cart, or had the went to school card, usually had the advantage and did not loose any of their food supply. My team and I only won due to the fact we had an irrigation system but that was because there was a situation card where if you did not have a irrigation system you lost half of your food, so we won by default and pure luck. There was a point where I was disappointed, when everyone else kept gaining food and my team and I kept loosing it due to the fact we had an irrigation system but thankfully it all turned out okay.

Do you think that the life of people in poorer countries is difficult? Why?

. Yes I do think that life of people in poorer countries is difficult due to the fact that they always need to ration food to make sure they will have enough for next year, and the kids don’t have education which shortens their opportunities, the fact that they can never know what might happen next and how it may impact their life positively and negatively, the fact that they need to always walk miles just to get food, water and if lucky medical attention. On top of that they need to live off of $2-$5 each day/week and sometimes months depending on your situation.


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