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I found this activity far more interesting than packet A, since these goals can be directly applied to my future. The portion I enjoyed the most was the discussion of how I’d live out my final days with death around the corner, and what sort of memory I’d like to leave behind. I’ve never put any effort into a bucket list before, but given this opportunity to draft one, I figured I’d give it my best shot. The obvious things to do with my inevitable death inbound such as buying the most expensive life insurance policy around and attending church had more depth to them than I first realized. Regarding life insurance, all my life I’ve looked for ways to obtain wealth while cutting corners but not for the actual wealth itself. I have this innate desire to win at the game we call life, and money is more of a way for me to keep score of how well I’m doing than anything else, so cheating a life insurance company out of a ridiculous amount of money appealed to me. Attending church goes beyond simply wishing for an afterlife, as its always been a place of peace and understanding for me. Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of a God watching over us, but church is deeper than that. The people there are the most sincere, generous, and accepting that I’ve ever met, and when I have to stare death in the eye, I’d like to do so from the comfort of church. Onto the more riveting deathbed wishes, first and foremost I’d like to get into a legitimate fistfight. I use to wrestle, both as a sport and at recess, but I’ve never actually been in a fight club style brawl, and I don’t wanna die without knowing if I could hold my own. Another wish of mine, albeit unlikely, is to rob a bank. I’d like to know first hand if I can pull it off before I leave this world, but with the threat of prison I doubt I’ll ever take that risk. My final, and realistic, wish before I pass away is to reconnect and apologize to the family that I’ve hurt. In my mid teen years, I lost myself for a while and I’m not proud of the things that I did, but mostly I regret ever making amends before I moved out. I left behind plenty of burned bridges, and I need to fix this aspect of my life. This is the goal I’ll focus the majority of my energy on for the foreseeable future, since this is the most substantial roadblock on my path to ataraxia.

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