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Hamlet quotes


Quotation Speaker Context Significance

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You must not put another scandal on him (i)


He is speaking to Reynaldo.

He is telling lies about Laertes and for Reynaldo to spy on him. Polonius wants Reynaldo to spread bad rumors about Laertes, but to make sure he is saying it in a way you can gather information and in a way that it doesn’t seem so bad, nothing to do with sexual activity just to see what he has been doing.

We are seeing how things function and its evident that there is plenty of corruption going to take place.

Within this quote we can see the way Lord Polonius feels about Laertes, he is asking Reynold to spread the word to people that there is plenty wrong with him to find out exactly what he has been doing and if its been negative. This of course can be evidence of corruption a theme we are beginning to see play out in the book. As well as the theme of madness, having someone spread horrible rumor out sheer madness and uncertainty. The author is giving insight into what kind of charcter polonious is and her relationship with Laertes.

And here give up ourselves…/ To lay our service freely at your feet./ To be commanded (ii)

Guildenstern Speaking to Claudius along side Rosencratz. They are showing respect and honor to Claudious and their friend Hamlet. They claim they dont need to be asked to do things, whatever comes from a King and Queen are an order. Claudious is doing this out of feer of Hamlets madness and to gather inisght on his ideas. Within this quote we are able to see honor and respect from both Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, those beleived to be close with Hamlet. Thus shining light on the type of characters they are. The quote portrays the themes of madness again, as Claudious is worried about Hamlet and his state of mind. As mentioned Claudious beleives he is going mad. The author allows us to recognize the relationships between these few characters. As well as anticipate further build up to what will happen with Hamlet. What actions will he make.

… I have found/ The very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy (ii) Polonious Polonious is speaking to Claudious. We see the arrival of Polonious. Polonious is speaking to Claudios in a way which he pleads his honor to Hamlet, he believes he has found important information that can be very helpful. He seems to do this to gain a sense of power. We see Polonious excited to deliver the news of what he beleives to be making Hamlet go mad. Futher displaying and or touching on the reoccuring theme of madness. I beleive we can connect the two themes of the high level of uncertainty and corruption within this quote. Polonious wants to share what he beleives is making Hamlet mad, and is portraying them to be the guaranteed reasons. He seems to feel a sense of power and importance. He does not want to bring up Ophelia being any reason for Hamlets madness. We the reader begin to see how much Hamlet must endure and maybe why he may always seem so uncertain and lacking any sense of action or redemption for his father. We see Polonious developing to be a sneaky type of character.

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I doubt it is no other but the main;/ His father’s death, and our o’er hasty marriage (ii) Gertrude Gertrude explains his thoughts for Hamlets madness to Claudious. He explains the reasons to be the death of Hamlets father and the very quick marriage between the two of them. This quote allows us to be Gertrudes point of view on what is driving Hamlet mad, again touching on the theme of madness. As mentioned the reasons being the death of Hamlets father and Gerturdes and Claudious’ quick marriage.

Through out this quote we continue to see the theme of death and misery associated with it. Hamlet is having a tough time with the death of his father, tieing into the the uncertainty in mind and a possible start to lack of a response. We also have seen corruption of his nation take place starting with the quick and suspicious marriage following a mysterious death.

Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit (ii) Polonious He is speaking to Gertrude about Hamlet, trying to explain how crazy he is. This can be seen as a way that Polonious is turning Gertrude away from Hamlet, essentially giving up hope for him ever to be sane. Within this quote we see the obvious theme of madness. Though we see it expressed within Polonious, and how badly he would like Gertrude to see that Hamlet is crazy. While also displaying to us how mad hamlet has gone.We also see that theme of deception, in regards to how Polonious wants Gertrude to see Hamlet. We have seen how he pushses people into feeling certain emotions for other certain people. Again this can be seen as corruption as well. We really see the characteristics of Polonious come to light. Thus leaving us again with uncertainty, the author continues to build up to a climax of events.

Excellent well; you are a fishmonger (ii) Hamlet Speaking to Lord Polonious. He is speaking to him in an isulting context. He is refering to Polonious as some who just sells fish. Of course hamlet knows who he is though, he is joking in an insulting manner. With Hamlet referring to Lord Polonious as a fish seller, he is insulting him and follows that up with calling him out for not being an honorable man. The author allows the reader to see Hamlets feelings of disgust for Polonious and lack of trust. We are seeing the lack of trust and mystery begin to develop into themes throughout the early parts of the story. The author continues to show the theme of disaster within their nation.

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Denmark’s a prison (ii) Hamlet He is speaking to both Rosencratz and Guildenstern. Hamlet is refering to Denmark as a prison, indicating negative thoughts on his country. He feels as if he is being watched like a prisoner. We can see Hamlet as feeling hopeless, while teasing his friends with sarcasm. Hamlet asks them what they have done to deserve to hang out along side him. We can cleary see how the theme of Denmark becoming dismantled is evolving, Hamlet has now compared his stay there to being in prison. We see the author do this in a sense of dry truth with the addition of comedic question. By Hamlet jokingly asking Rosencratz and Guildenstern what they have done to deserve to be there with him, we can see sense of madness. We can see this foreshadow to later Hamlet mentioning he may be mad but always knows what is going on. Hamlet has realized they are there to check on him or spy on him. The author also allows the reader to see a sense of lonliness felt in Hamlet, comparing his home to a prison.

What a piece of work is a man! Hamlet He is speaking to Guildenstern, expressing what can be seen as a rant out of madness. While also showing us that maybe some of this madness is coming from his depressing feelings he admits to. We have seen lack of action developing within the story, Hamlet has yet to do anything about his fathers death. The author may be allowing the reader to see possibly why. Hamlet is expressing his feelings of depression leading to his lack for motivation to do just about anything besides just looking at people. That is were he begins to rant on how beautiful people are, showing us how mad he has become in his prison like home.

Though this be madness, yet there is/ method in’t (ii) Polonious He is speaking to himself in regards to his thoughts on Hamlet. The author allows us to see Polonious’ continued thoughts on Hamlet. He is talking to himself, like a realization that though Hamlet is mad there is a reason for this madness. The quote continues to show the reader the thoughts of characters and their feelings for other characters. The quote seems to identify that Polonious believes Hamlet may be up to something, there is a reason for Hamlets actions of madness. Hamlet continues to insult Polonious, describing the book which refers to the negtaivity in being an old man. We see that theme of deception mixed with madness once again. As Hamlet has found a way to insult Polonious indirectly with his words and actions and a possible act of exaggerated stupidity.

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I am but mad north – northwest. (ii) Hanlet He is speaking to Guildenstern. He is trying to tell Guildenstern he knows what is going on with Polonious. He is aware of Polonious’ disregard and trust for him. We also see him admitting to his madness. Though he may be mad he is smart and aware of Polonious’ bad intentions. Within the quote we see Hamlets confidence in bringing attention to the fact that he knows of Polonious’ intentions. Hamlet also wants Guildenstern know that altough he may be crazy at times but he always knows what is going on. We see the theme of uncertainy and lack of action, Hamlets two friends Guildenstern and Rosencratz who were sent to essentially spy on him admit to their orders. We continue to see alot of thought within the characters without any action taking place. A simple task the boys easily admit to. While Hamlet continues his madness through further deception, with saying though he is crazy he is also sane and intelligent.

I am but mad north – northwest. (ii) Same as above??

The plays the thing/ Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King (ii) Hamlet He is speaking to himself, Hamlet expresses alot of thoughts to the reader to end off Act 2. Hamlet has been involved in organizing the big play and using it to see how Claudious reacts when seeing it. Hamlet has requested a play involving murder to do so. We have seen the theme of uncertainty and lack of action continually build up. In this last quote we get a sense that action is going to be taking place soon. Hamlet wants to gather what he believes to be more evidence on his fathers murder linked to Claudious. We see Hamlet start to get angry and mentioning his lack for redemption for his father. He beleives that if he see’s a reaction from Claudious he will now take action, he feels he must. The author has led the reader to believe the climax will be upon us shorlty.

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