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Haunted house

Last updated on 01.07.2020

Description haunted house

Despite the obvious fact that the house is abandoned and old it stands up rather well against the might of the unstoppable blizzard. The broken doors and shattered windows allow the snow to cover the empty spaces of the doors and windows bit by bit. The house itself is not very large and is located in the middle of a forest in a cold region. There is an eerie look about the house. The open courtyard in front of the house is strewn with old leaves. Large vines creepingly stand at various locations lending an ominous look as if a ghostly figure stands tall at the entrance of the house.

Inside the house, there is a black “, old rocking chair in the living room which has been placed right in front of the fireplace and it hasn’t been used in a long time since it was dusty and the legs of the chair were broken. The fireplace is surprisingly still burning and has extra dry fodder inside of it and looked as if it had been used very recently unlike the chair and the sofas inside the room, which takes me by surprise. Despite the burning fire, the warmth of the fire can’t be felt but instead, a cold ominous wind fills the room and it felt like it my body like piercing shrapnel.

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As soon as I touch the top of the fireplace, it opens up a secret doorway into the kitchen and inside, there some dishes can be seen on the sink, all of them are dirty and the kettle nearby seems as if it had been spoilt as the wire connected to the socket had been. While observing everything in the small kitchen I see another door which is right under the sink and I decide to venture further. The door ahead opens up and the tap in the sink starts to drip water, this startles me. The creaky doorway leads to a narrow sort of alley and suddenly the coldness of the air which can be felt from the weather outside, vaporizes and the alley becomes highly illuminated and it regains its warmth.

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Inside the house

Moving forward leads right to a medium-sized bedroom which looks unlike all the others in the house, because of the polished silverware that appears on top of a brand new desk. Opposing the desk stands a black piano with a ribbon on top of it and a message which says “Happy birthday”.The bunker bed in the is very small and it looks like it has been used by a child around the age of 9, the blankets on the bed are blood stains and have pillows with some sort of engraving which has another message in bad handwriting. Right beside the bed is a couch. The seats and couch are produced using dark calfskin once delicate and comfortable now thin and worn far from all the utilization.

This entire ambience scares me at the same time and fills me with palpable excitement. Going closer to the toys leads to a misty terrain which surrounds the whole room and a weird creature appears in front of me which is 8 feet tall, it has a moustache and a green tail, the rest of its body is pink in colour. Suddenly a strange piercing sound emanates from the creature. It seems terrifying. As I ran from there, I stumbled down into the basement and hit my head against a box. In the dim light, I could make out it is a coffin.


On closer inspection, it looks like a dark mahogany with ornate designs on it. Suddenly eerie footsteps are heard from a distant. It feels like a soft thump of something wooden. The lights start flickering. Before I realise, the coffin starts to open on its own. A pale yellow, mummied figure is visible inside. Slowly this figure starts to rise up. As it does, it casts an ominous shadow against the faint light in the room. A faint moaning sound emanates from it. The sound increases in decibels. As the sound grows louder and louder, a muffled shriek emanates from deep inside my throat.

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The mummied figure starts following me as I run towards the living room. Without realizing it, I step on a grey, worn carpet that is torn in various places. A gust of wind wafts through the broken window creating an eerie whistling sound. The shadow of the Mummied figure creates a large shadow on the large wall on the right. Scared and feeling lost, I gather my wits, running crazily over the cobbled stones of the courtyard with the thought of never returning again.

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