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He ever-flourishing modeling business

Beauty has always been the main subject of our discussions. We constantly talk about it, criticize it and find ourselves almost in misery without it. And where is the best place to admire it? Definitely, on screen and catwalks. Various fashion shows have conquered miscellaneous runways worldwide. And this big fashionable story has its origins in the second half of the previous century. It was the time when the flourishing modeling business ‘gave birth’ to fairly new faces that made it as powerful and popular as ever.

Below are the names of those who changed the fashion industry when you were still a child:

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Lauren Hutton might be considered the beginner of a new era in fashion. At the edge of ‘60-‘70s she appeared on various covers due to the famous Chanel shooting. The latter was followed by many others although the model didn’t enjoy a ‘perfect’ beauty.

The same period made us familiar with Jean Shrimpton’s name as well. She was beautiful and humble and just good at being photographed for various magazines. No wonder, Jean appeared to be the first model enjoying the supermodel title, perhaps due to newly showcased skirts she used to wear for her audiences.

The ‘70s embraced the faces that suited both modelling business and cinematography. Marisa Berenson takes a particular place among them. She made appearance in Cabaret, on Vogue cover and thus earned quite a lot. She was also recognized and highly appreciated by Yves Saint Laurant.

The ‘70s model business would not be the same without Rene Russo. Although she has never dreamed about modelling, her good looks made her popular for good. She stole many covers throughout a decade, however, still converted to Hollywood and enriched a number of movies with her talent.

Beverly Johnson also made her first steps into the big world of fashion in 1970s thus anticipating and giving way to the Afro-American beauties like Tyra and Naomi. Notwithstanding a prosperous career, her private life appeared to be more complicate – she was among those victims who allegedly suffered abuse from Bill Cosby.

A Texas-born girl named Jerry Hall was among those lucky ones who dream and watch their dreams realize. Upon arriving in the city of lights a.k.a. Paris, Jerry conquered almost all the covers of fashion magazines after making a debut in the image of Siren. And she never quit modeling. Even after marrying Mick Jagger.

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The Somalian beauty Iman built a similarly successful career after graduating from university. Her images constantly appeared on various covers since 1976 and she worthily granted the title of ‘dream woman’ by Saint Laurant.

It was harder to enter the business for Janice Dickinson. A somehow trivial appearance made her build her fame in France first. And the Big Apple greeted her with open arms afterwards. Perhaps, she became the highest paid model earning 2″,000$ a day.

Cheryl Tiegs was also in the spotlight since ‘70s. Her healthy physique made her a perfect fit for Sports Illustrated in 1978.

The same year witnessed the great success of Gia Carangi who, notwithstanding her early death, appeared on the list of the most highly paid beauties due to 100 000$ earned on a yearly basis.

And then the ‘80s saw the rise of Brooke Shields in the ever-blooming fashion industry. The Calvin Klein jeans campaign and appearance on vogue cover marked the triumph of the youngest model throughout the world. The modern cinematography didn’t hesitate to embed her beauty in a number of movies.

Who would imagine that a chemistry student would win the runways? However, beauty has no borders and this was the reason that brought Cindy Crawford in model industry. Her charming looks and a somehow appetizing body made her truly stand out from her co-fellows in the 1980s.

The same fame awaited Elle Machperson. This skinny belle from the far south-east entered the top list after appearing on the covers of a myriad of magazines.

Outstanding looks and not-quite-American charms won fame to Paulina Porizkova in 1984. Sports Illustrated showcased her in 1980. The latter also acquainted public with the names of Carol Alt and Kim Alexis who entered the industry in the same period.

Yasmin Le Bon’s names is somehow associated with a new stage in fashion. The world-famous designers hired her for their campaigns, while she herself constantly aspired to lesser known brands. No wonder, Yasmin was nominated the most affluent model of the decade.

If you were born in 88 and 89 respectively, Karen Alexander and Kathy Ireland might be considered the most prominent newbies celebrating their career at the time. Both beautiful and hard working. They truly deserve a place on our list.

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In the beginning of the ‘90s the model business perhaps saw the pinnacle of its fame. And who has to be found guilty of this if not Linda and her comrades. The Canadian beauty conquered the world runways, covers and campaigns due to her ever-changing looks and each time this happened for no less than ‘10″,000$ a day’.

The modish looks and amiability perhaps became the reasons for making Christy Turlington one of the highest paid models ever. Her personality still embellishes Maybelline ad campaigns.

Kate Moss instead was the first to break the barriers and make the fashion industry accustomed to a not-so-model-like appearance. The skinny physique and medium height put her in a particular niche.

The Afro-American beauties appeared and disappeared on catwalks constantly throughout the decades. They are remembered due to their outstanding looks, however, none of them might replace Naomi’s presence in the model business. Despite many hardships during her professional activity, Campbell presented an unmatched appearance alongside her fellow supermodels of the time. Claudia Schiffer took an equally unrivaled place. She was worthily awarded the title of Chanel face.

Amber Valletta is another star child of the ‘90s. Her good looks stole the show by appearing on the vogue cover when she still was a teen. The modeling career was pursued by a number of movies that made Valletta’s presence inseparable from Hollywood.

The Afro-American line in fashion industry was worthily continued by Tyra Banks. She appeared on many covers, captivated audiences while on runways and even made her way in the peculiar world of Victoria’s Secret. The mid ‘90s was marked by her unforgettable success in model business.

The latter would have been somehow shallow without the presence of Helena Christensen. The Danish beauty became almost a staple image of the age after conquering a plethora of covers and enriching the Victoria’s ambience. The worldly acknowledged and admired clique of supermodels of the time has become a time-honored subject due to her unforgettable image.

And then Rebecca Romijn came and stole the hearts of many.

The edge of the centuries was marked by the appearance of Heidi Klum. She immediately made her way among the top faces of the time. Heidi happened to be a pioneer in obtaining the angel status and making indelible trails in the ever-changing yet always blooming fashion industry.

The worthy sequel to this charismatic line was presented by Brasilian-born Gisele Bundchen. Indeed, the new century was marked by her appearance on the world runways.

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The Cinderella title though was granted to Natalia Vodianova perhaps due to great success and achievements both in her private and professional life. In 2012 she appeared on the list of the most affluent models. No wonder her activity is tightly linked with philanthropy.

The roster of well-off supermodels is worthily filled by Lyia Kebede. The black beauty was never left unnoticed by designers and directors. Her successful career inspired her to support women’s rights together with Christie Turlington-Burns.

No less significant appeared to be Daria Werbowy’s presence in this overwhelming world of modeling and fashion. Her gorgeous looks made her conquer all the major runways prior to living her still life in Ireland for the time being.

The Netherlands also greatly contributed to the modeling business of the new era. Doutzen Kroes attracted and still attracts thousands of eyes with her charming and naïve looks when appearing in the Victoria’s shows. And these pretty looks might be the main reason of her presence among the highest paid models since 2008.

In case you look for something more while watching the famous fashion shows, you might well become interested in the image of Coco Rocha. Her amiable looks appeared on various covers innumerable times and her dancing skills entertained equally many spectators during the mentioned shows.

Agyness Deyn is another memorable figure in the modern industry. Besides modeling activity, she happens to act in the movies and also to sing well.

The Chicago-born Karlie Kloss’s name marks a kind of a milestone in modeling business. And that’s no wonder. She is gorgeous and talented thus attracting huge audiences.

And the last but not least figure on our list is Bar Rafaeli. Her gorgeous looks have been displayed by various magazines that made her one of the wealthiest supermodels ever.

Fashion industry appears to be the world of contrasts, the new faces emerge and disappear on a constant basis, some even blaze unforgettable trails. The past 40-50 years witnessed all this and never failed to amaze us by the attention grabbing images and personalities that we have chosen above. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Beauty always wins!

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