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Head girl application

I would like to be put up for the head girl opportunity because I really want to invest positive energy into the School. I would love to represent and aid the school into being the best version of itself. The school is filled with young girls who have a bright future ahead of them, I would love to be a part of nurturing that potential along with the great members of staff that already do this. Northwood college has shaped me up to be the woman I always aspired to be and more.

Northwood college shapes their student to become leaders now and, in the future, and now I want to help lead the school with strength, compassion and love. Members of staff have supported me through tough times and have made me feel positive and confident in myself, my studies and my skills that I will utilise as I grow up. As a token of my appreciation I’d like to invest a part of me back into the school. Nowadays many young adults and preteens suffer from mental health issues, lack of self-esteem and other struggles which limit them from reaching their maximum potential. As someone who has been through some of what the school is going through, I’d like to also be head girl for those girls. I want to be someone they could talk to, relate to and most importantly trust. This way I could help the students be the women of the future.

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Having worked alongside my father in his charity I learnt responsibility as I completed paperwork and took part in board meeting to suggest ideas. I occasionally attend events and helped with advertising and standing at the entrance, I greet people and learned great social skills along with teamwork and most importantly I learnt how to respect and treat people in a social setting. While working for the charity I developed an overwhelming compassion for the poor and disadvantaged. So, I have plans to go to Iraq with my father and help with the charity’s food bank, so I have more of an active role in the charity.

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I have realised from this experience that it is vital to realise how people are amazing no matter the condition. So many people are different and come from different environments. I have read the profiles and explored each person sponsored within the charity, the overwhelming bravery and amazing achievements that they have accomplished has all been hidden by their lack of money. A young girl caring for 5 of her siblings while working and attempting to go to school but her efforts fall short as she receives no reward or recognition. In my opinion some girls at school have the same traits that are hidden by insecurity, anxiety, depression, family issues. The school helps tremendously but I want to offer a figure of support, someone that can relate to them but at the same time I am able to recognise when situations are beyond my help and I will seek authoritative help.

All I wish to do is make the students the best they could possibly be and better. I hope to offer guidance and care, as I truly believe that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Over the 6 years of going to Northwood college I have achieved great GCSE results and I’m proud of the woman I am, and I hope to get even better A-level results. At the start of my experience I struggles with friends, lessons and distress. I am proud to announce that I am now a sociable lady who is coping with lessons and work.

Enjoyment is fundamental in the environment of school; I have found that if you are content and happy in your working environment then you will naturally work harder and then you put more effort into both school work and extra-curricular activities like sports and enriching clubs, which equally both contribute, to creating a well-rounded and healthy student. I would try my hardest to make sure that younger members of our school were able to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can flourish.

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The school does so much for its students and I want to show the school off as a highly academic school that offers a wide range of subjects to accompany the many various talents of all our girls. The school has embraced so many parts of us and in a sense raised us. I am so proud to be a Northwood college student and I’d like to prove how thankful I am. I am truly passionate and invested in Northwood college and I would love to be a part of the wonderful team that makes Northwood college.

My referee will be Mrs L Brown

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