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Here are the top 10 android apps for college students.

Here are the top 10 android apps for college students.

Before introduction of android apps college life was quite demanding since students had to use library books for reference though some were lacking hence one had to spend more money buying new ones. Group work could only be done in specific venues, but today students discuss in various social Medias e.g. WhatsAapp, Facebook, twitter, telegram etc. More so, scholars attend lectures from their homes. Student portals make it cheap to access term dates and results without visiting the relevant personnel. Some phones have scientific calculators and BMI converters that are of great importance in studying some courses. casual games like candy-crush, gummy drop, big fish casino etc. Are a stress therapy.

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In summary there’s nearly an app for everything. This makes students life easy, friendly and more enjoyable. Below are some of the highly used apps:

Keyboard App: Swiftkey

SwiftKey keyboard uses artificial cerebral that assists it to learn and can delightedly foretell what the user tends to type. It is an app that everyone must have. It autocorrects which makes typing fast.

Video Calling App: Google Duo

Google Duo is the best video calling apps. It’s fairly simple to access and prove your number. It is cheap compared to other video calling apps..

Instant Messaging App: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an unrestrained messaging app, where users keep in touch with one another using phone internet. It enables you to communicate using text messages, voice messages, share links, images, make video calls .It the most secure app.

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File Sharing App: Xender

Xender is indispensable in your device. It protects one from the burden of carrying your USB data cable around to transfer files with PC. In addition, it is a hundred times faster than any other app for exchanging files.

Password Manager App: Last Pass

Last Pass is a secure app where you lock all your apps using one password hence provides safety and keeps your personal information safe. It predicts or foresees danger and is fast across many areas.

Google Maps

This is a site that helps one to find directions. With the help of the Google map services, you can find a lesser known place with ease.

Cloud Storage App: Google Drive

It is an immense service that provides the user with free space to reserve and retrieve your files in the cloud platform. You browse the files you had saved then you opt to share. It also enables you to back up your files.

Google News

With Google news app one is able to get all the relevant news across the world. It keeps one ever updated.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an unrestrained app advanced by Google that enables users to communicate, ask questions, play games and get a lot of things done. It is found in all android phones.

Note Taking App: Ever note

Ever note is app used to take notes in various formats, e.g text, photos, audio, and video.

[bookmark: answer_25264146]Conclusion

Apps have made life easy however if every app vanishes business and commercial sectors would get affected because trading has been digitized.

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Without apps in this computer era, it would be hard to move on with activities, because it makes chores simple to do.

If apps abruptly stop functioning, modern technology e.g. communication with friends in groups would be no more.


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