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Here is why a single tick can ruin your life forever!

Headline 1: Here is why a single tick can ruin your life forever!

Headline 2: 3 easy and simple steps to get rid of Lyme and Tick disease forever!

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Richard Johannesen: father of four beautiful children. Richard has a typical American family with his own struggles and challenges.

On June 2nd, he was working on his yard and thinking about his business challenges and how to finance his children’s education.

However, after blowing off some steam, he went to take a shower, where he found a tick biting his left leg!

The whole world came crashing down on him! He remembered his friend Matt Sabatello.

Matt was one of those poor souls whose life was almost ruined by Lyme. After two whole years of agony, he was properly diagnosed with the disease. During this time he has suffered from debilitating symptoms. Matt used to have seizures, hallucinations, and fear of death. He was out of work for two years. Even after the treatment he is not fully recovered yet.

Richard didn’t want to be another example of that! He didn’t have the luxury to be sick, he can’t fail his children! He wants to give them a decent future. But, if he gets infected, all his efforts will be in vain.

Richard started to panic; desperate, he called Matt for help! Matt understood the severity of the situation so he suggested Richard to go to a doctor and the tick with him.

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Richard called the doctor but the doctor was pre-scheduled for coming 3 weeks. Perplexed and confused, Richard started his own research on Lyme. The research left him baffled! What he found was not only untrustworthy but also conflicting. He couldn’t find anything actionable. At that point, he wasn’t even sure whether Lyme disease exists or not.

After 4 long days, he finally got hold on his doctor’s assistant. After seeing the Tick the assistant disregarded it and also informed him there is no certain way to tell whether he is infected or not until and unless he starts to show the sign of infection.

If Richard is terribly serious for diagnosis, he got only one option left. Doxycycline administration, which has adverse side effects including emotional instability and gut problems. Richard became anxious than ever before!

It was apparent that the medical community cannot handle this severe problem. He had realized that the medical community failed him!

What happened to Richard and Matt is not that uncommon in the USA. Especially, if you live anywhere around the long island. But, the irony is that the New York state is about to eliminate the little to next budget they have on Lyme disease.

Richard and Matt have pledged to stand against this! They know this is a problem that needs to be addressed. So they have started their own research on Lyme and Tick disease diagnosis.

During their research, they have found that most of the relevant information is scattered and untrustworthy. They also found something interesting, that there is a war going on among academics and medical community called Lyme war!

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But, there is good news! With their extensive research and dedication, Matt and Richard have come up with a system! A three steps system that uses your body’s own mechanism to protect yourself from this horror.

With this three-step system, you can protect yourself and your beloved family from the clutches of Lyme and Tick. And the best part is, you don’t even have to visit a doctor!

All you need to do is educate yourself and your family with this system. According to Richard and Matt if you follow this simple Avoid, Detection, and Intervention system you can get rid of your fear for tick once for all.

But, they can’t do this alone. They need your help in this noble cause to raise public awareness and help millions. Be a part of this grant journey! Be a savior!

In the next post, Richard and Matt will discuss how you can implement this system to protect yourself. Don’t miss out! Stay tuned!

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