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Many people think that heroes have superpowers. In fact, heroes are much more than that. A true hero is simply a brave, strong, caring and humble person. Even though their acts may not benefit them, they still do their best to save people.

Heroes are courageous. To pass through obstacles in their lives, they overcome their weaknesses, regardless if they need put themselves in a dangerous situation or pay the price for their acts. They will do it even though the person that they save is completely a stranger. Chris Kyle, Americans’ amazing hero, who’s fearless and daring to fight for the country. He joined the United States Navy SEAL after college. To ensure the safety for everybody, he did not care how difficult the military is. He then went through brutal training and prepared himself to do best on a battlefield. As a result, Kyle became a well-trained soldier with a good physical and mental strength. He was brave, ready to face challenges and put himself in a high-risk situation. There was a time the Marines clear out rooms in a dangerous town. The commanding officer ordered him not to go. This tough guy could not stand there and be a witness to watch troopers go to that town knowing almost half of them may die. As always, his acts aided everyone else. He came and fought with them. Heroes are not weak and cowardly, the kind of people who would be scared in front of the stronger, but ready to bully the weaker. Specifically, weak people do not take responsibility for themselves but blame others. An ideal hero is a person who dares to do something without fear of riskiness, fights evil to protect the good and put the crowd before oneself.

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Heroes must be caring and humble, which means high self-control and victory over the ego. Rather than acting aggressively, trying to control others and showing dishonesty, those brave people take responsibility and correct mistakes, listen to other people’s opinions and keep a humble perspective. Kyle had those characteristics too. After working four tours in Iraq, this courage man was the only one who got most kills in the career back then; he still felt guilty because he could not kill more to protect others. He did not care about his life and was ambitious. All he cared about was the safety his country and his men. The government awarded him medals. He was not prideful about it at all. He was proud to serve America. One thing that touched many individuals heart is Kyle was trying to help soldiers who got injured from the war even after he retired. He did not do it to be seen; he did it for others. Heroes also are not heartless, who would go away when people need help. Rather than ignoring it and leave, they would be concerned, come closer and ask. Then they will try to help. Real heroes are not a show-off and draw attention to themselves; instead, they would be modest and without an excess of pride in it.

True heroes are courageous, humble, and care for the society. They would sacrifice themselves just to save someone. A great hero can be found not only in books but also in actual life too. There are more heroes than people think: parents, soldiers, doctors, etc… They would do their best to support others in a certain way.

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