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Home remodeling: the standard room size in a home in u.S.

Home remodeling: The standard room size in a home in U.S.

A U.S. Census carried out a periodic survey of households across the country collecting detailed information about US residences. In their latest research survey, average monthly cost of renting a house was 1″,231 dollars. Certain aspects that define a standard household changed since 1993.

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The standard household dimensions

The U.S. census bureau puts dimension of residences constructed to be 2600 sq.ft on average, a 62% growth from 1660sq.ft from 1993. Note that an average house has three sleeping rooms, two washrooms, and a central air conditioner. It is important to note that central air conditioner used to be a luxury and only 18 percent enjoyed it back in 1993. Today 66 percent of American houses have central AC.

The average family room

The family room is where most entertainment, socializing and television watching takes place. The standard family room size in the U.S. was 330sq.ft in 2013. Size of the family room differed as per the size of the residence. Residences that were below 2″,000sq.ft had a standard family room size of 256sq.ft. A medium sized family room is designed for about 6-10 people with about 5 of the seats facing the TV. When picking a house you should consider the type of family and life that you live. It would be wise to pick a house with a large living room if you are a social person and enjoy social calls and house parties.

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The dinette

The eating place is primarily designed for food consumption. Dinettes are not to be found in every household. Studies show that dinettes are slowly becoming obsolete as new homeowners are choosing houses with small or eating places at all. This is because modern kitchens have been designed with eating areas. More and more time is being spent on the kitchen cooking and even eating. A dinette is relatively smaller than the family room. The average dining room is 14 by 16 ft which puts it at 224sq.ft. They may be as small as 8 feet square.


AN average bedroom in a given apartment measures 132sq.ft while that in a home measure 219sq.ft taking to account the master bedrooms. As earlier stated the average house has 3 bedrooms. Houses in tighter quarters like New York provide smaller bedrooms while rural apartment complexes have larger rooms. The average master bedroom measures 309sq.ft. The smallest sized bedroom stands at 70 sq.ft and can fit a bed and a dresser while having walking space.

Laundry room

Laundry rooms are usually small. They make usually make use of previously unusable space. The standard laundry are stands at 100 sq.ft but can be lesser or bigger depending with the available space and the owner’s choice.


A small cookery is defined as being smaller than 70 feet and a big kitchen being larger than 100 feet. The modern cookery has an eating place with a table and chairs. Sometimes the cookery is fused with the dinette for convenience purposes. Introduction of eating places in the cookery contributes to a decline in dinettes.

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Closets are storage spaces majorly used for storing clothes. A standard residence in states has a closet space reaching 146sq.ft. Reach-in closets are situated in hallways, children’s rooms plus bedrooms of homes that were built some time back. Closets come in different styles depending on space the owner has available. Some bold types of closets are known to occupy entire hallways.

Factors to consider when remodeling households

When remodeling a family room, consider choosing a neutral color palette with added layers for comfort and style, paying special attention to the furniture and the flooring. Tricks such as contrasting textures and patterns can add warmth and appeal to the interior of your living room. Do not stretch your budget because you might end up with substandard materials. One of the good things about having your own home is that you can tailor it to suit your style. It is up to you to decide how best you want to remodel your house.

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