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Honor magic watch

I’ve already talked about the smartwatch market here! It’s in the background, a gadget that everyone wants, but nobody knows very well what the advantage is. In fact, as I said in Leak, the best smartwatch today, is certainly Apple Watch, but being part of the Apple ecosystem, you need to have an iPhone in your pocket …

So, it’s normal to look the other way, that is, for Google’s solution, Wear OS!

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However, this operating system is on the streets of bitterness, having been abandoned by almost all major manufacturers … After all, Samsung smartwatches use Tizen OS, and Huawei the new Lite OS, which came to market at the hands of Huawei Watch GT and Honor Magic Watch.

After this introduction, let’s talk a little about Honor Magic Watch!

Feeling a great need to shake the market, Huawei decided to launch new smartwatches in October, at the same time that it launched the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro

Oddly enough, he chose to abandon Wear OS, saying basically that autonomy was a shame, and that the brand felt, that it was capable of doing better, with its own resources.

That’s how Huawei decided to launch the Watch GT, with a 1.3 “AMOLED screen and a super autonomy of 14 days! This, while its subsidiary Honor, launched Magic Watch

Review Magic Honor Watch

Honor Magic Watch and Huawei Watch GT

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In a world where Xiaomi is a leader, thanks to its wide range of wearable products at unbeatable prices. It was important not only to launch a good product, but to pay special attention … Its price!

Honor Magic Watch is a ‘budget’ model with the same exact features as the top-of-the-line Huawei Watch GT, but with a slightly smaller 1.2 “screen, a range of about 8 days, and a super price to be around the 100 €!

Therefore, Honor Magic Watch was released with an AMOLED screen of 1.2 “, resolution 390 × 390 and density of 326ppi. A dual core SoC, 16MB RAM, 128MB storage, water and dust certification (5ATM), GPS + GLONASS and a 178mAh battery.

In short, what stands out most here is the AMOLED screen, which even under the intense sunlight, will have excellent visibility

Review Magic Honor Watch

However, it must be said that when launching a new operating system in the form of LiteOS, we are dealing with a device still very simple, with few features, but with a lot of potential. (Since I received it, I have easily received 5 firmware updates, which have always increased the number of features, and have improved features already in place. )

Review Magic Honor Watch

Therefore, Huawei / Honor is not kidding, and even intends to bet on LiteOS! But if you’re a picky user, and you want something equipped with features, maybe Honor Magic Watch is not for you … yet.

That said, the entire smartwatch interface is super simple, and even faster and more intuitive than any Xiaomi Pace or Stratos of this life. For example, if you want to change the face of the display, simply keep your finger on the screen for a few seconds to change. (However, there is still not much choice, and the one that exists is not especially beautiful)

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If you are a sports fan, you will find everything that is essential for the practice of sport, or an active and healthy life!

Count the steps, the distance traveled, monitor the heart rate in real time and 24 hours a day (Non Stop!). Perhaps more important than all this, it monitors the quality of sleep in a very efficient way. Much thanks to the inclusion of Huawei TruSleep 2.0 , which is able to identify various types of sleep disorders and give up to 200 suggestions to help you sleep better.

It also has the possibility to set alarms, which makes perfect sense in this watch!

Since with such a simple and slim design, sleeping with this boy’s wrist, is not annoying, as compared to a Xiaomi Pace. (Which is super thick and rather heavier)

After all, the Honor Magic Watch in addition to being super light, is 9.8mm thick!

This is in a steel body, with two mechanical side buttons. It turns out to be impressive, how simple it is, since it is super appealing to the look. Since we are talking about the design, we have to mention the system of exchange of bracelets. To dock or undock by pressing a single button.

Review Magic Honor Watch

Honor Magic Bracelets are compatible with Watch GT

Needless to say, you might find a large array of different wristbands online, to change your style.

As I mentioned above, Honor Magic Watch has GPU + GLONASS! However, to locate the user, it uses three systems (GPS, GLONASS and GALILEU). In order to get super accurate data faster, anywhere in the world.

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After all this, we have the normal functionalities of a smartwatch

We have the classic notifications, weather, timer, stopwatch and silent alarms with vibration. (The time has come to choose a song, to sound as an alarm, and to begin to hate it after a few days)

I only have one big complaint about this smartwatch … It has no musical control! Something that for me is almost mandatory in a smartwatch, especially in one focused on active life / sport. But as I said above, with the constant updates, should be something to be implemented soon.

Review Magic Honor Watch – Conclusion

Review Magic Honor Watch

In short, a very interesting purchase, especially when we look at the price, which is around 100-120 €. In addition, we must also say, we are talking about a clock, with a recent operating system! That has been constantly updated, and that is why it should evolve a lot in the coming months.

Given that we will have the launch of new Huawei mobile phones in March … I would not be too surprised, that a new version of LiteOS is also released, around this time.

Therefore, if you also like the design and look for a sports smartwatch with good construction quality, worthy of the name Huawei … Here’s a great option!

You can order Honor Magic Watch at GeekBuying or Banggood ! Do not forget is to choose the correct shipping method, to avoid customs.

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