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Every human being lives in a homeland that belongs to him within a city or a village and has duties and rights to exercise on how to live without alienating from customs and traditions. We live in an oriental society that treats an individual as an accountant on every big or small action, whether it’s male or female. My town will work on guiding the people living in it to the right path and fair rules.

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My town, Hope, is located near the city and overlooks a river on the sidelines, a quiet and beautiful town with wonderful friendly people. The town rules over on how people act without causing trouble to the community. To maintain a healthy sustainable town we need a primary health care facility. Strengthening the health care system is one way to keep the town safe from diseases or preventing the spread of disease in the city. “The South African public health system, in common with many LMICs, functions as a bureaucracy with control exercised through a strong hierarchical structure [38]. Public sector policy, introduced by National Treasury [39–41], provides for a strong, coordinated approach to rational planning in all government departments and links planning and budgetary processes with performance management, which is seen as a tool to foster greater accountability, starting at the national level with the President and his ministers.” (Scott). This weighs that to create a great solid town we need a strong health systems, it also links a strong relationship with the government.

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Consequences of committing a crime. The cornerstone of the crime is the act, and the act is the deviant behavior of the person accused of committing it. Punishment complements the elements of crime. Punishment is the penalty established by law, which is the action taken against the wrong person and the conduct of socially and legally unacceptable conduct. The purpose of the punishment in town is to prevent a person from returning to unacceptable acts in the future and to avoid chaos in societies and to respect freedoms, rights and duties. My town will work to maintain a low-crime state. “Criminal gangs set out to make money by trading in illicit markets, or by robbery, fraud, extortion, kidnapping and murder.” (Sorell) There’s all types of crimes and we can not control any of them unless we have strict security. “These latter, overtly victimizing, forms of organized crime are sometimes directed at ordinary citizens, and sometimes at rival criminals. Typically, the membership and activities of gangs are kept a secret from everyone else, particularly the authorities, and a great deal of ingenuity is directed by gangs at invisibly storing, transporting, and reinvesting the financial proceeds of their primary activities” (Sorell). We need a strong security in our town to prevent these actions from taking place and to keep our town safe.

Achieving social justice among the citizens of the town. There are factors that require the achievement of social justice. One of these factors are: Equality, a non-discrimination and equal opportunities. The need for a new pattern of development: This pattern must be based on objectives that meet the needs of people, namely, sustainable development in their economic, social and environmental dimensions, and reduce the fundamental disparities between finance (ie investment in markets), real economy, rich and poor, to all women and men, and to public policies that address the roots of unproductive growth by strengthening a productive investment framework, making the financial system real economy, and developing labor markets to become inclusive and fair markets. “The concept of fairness for each society member is emphasized in Rawls’ secular theory. In the preceding paragraph, those who supported the police exemplified the concept that justice means the protection of the citizens from assault and battery. The citizens who were protested the actions felt that the shooting was unjust; as an institution, the police were perceived as shooting black men more frequently than white men, resulting in a perception that black men were marginalized and not valued members of society.” (Bonner). This issue shows that there are people who are holding prejudice feelings towards people from different colors or ethnicities.

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What we could in our town to prevent this is holding a gathering of the town or a special day for everyone to interact with one another. Diversity is accepted through communication with individuals belonging to different ethnicities, cultures and religions in order to build a friendship with them, to understand their cultures, to accept intellectual differences, to identify and eliminate prejudices in society and to identify issues that affect individuals belonging to different cultures and to help them and one way to do that is to visit to neighborhoods and communities in which they live in.

We need to build a developed, strong educational system in the town. The development of the education system must start from the kindergarten stage, from the very beginning to shaping the personality of the child, to discovering his abilities and his knowledge of the world around him. We are moving towards building a new educational system that produces a generation of thinkers, writers and innovators. “Globalization, as a whole, implicitly implies the globalization of educational systems, whose evolutionary trend is conditioned by the development of competences through innovative collaborative educational tools.” (Cristinel). It would be better to provide good educational tools for the benefit of the students.

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