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How did stan lee help in a big world crisis?

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How did Stan lee help in a big world crisis?

Stan lee was a part of ww2. Lee wanted to help out with the army, so he enlisted into the army just after he heard about the Japanese attack on the peal harbour. Stan lee was in the army and believed that the world needed a superhero in the world to look after it. He saw that the world needed help and he created his first superhero costume in 1942. Lee was signed into the war as a telephone pole lineman. But eventually realizing that this wasn’t the role for him

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What was the great depression

The great depression was the worst economic downturn in history of the industrialized world. The period that all this was happening was between 1929 to 1939. It all began when the stock markets crashed and wall street when send them into panic mode which had wiped out millions of investors. In 1933 25% of all American were unemployed and many Americans were homeless or living in relief camps.

The great depression and how did comic artist get involved in this crisis and how did they help.

In the great depression it was a very sad time for people and they needed someone to look up to and they needed something to keep their hopes up and someone to look up to. This was where the golden age come into it and where the comic book artists started to help out with improving people life’s and to basically tell them to keep their heads up and not to be down. The great depression created an atmosphere where everyone was down and they needed something cheap entertainment to take their mind of things and this was where comics come into hand and started to become published.

They types of comics that had been created were the ones that helped the people feel safe and comfort and someone they could look up to. People started to look for the perfect hero which was found in one of the fist comic books which was called superman. Superman was created because It allowed people to fantasize about their problems and being solved by these comic characters.

Superhero’s were created as being these perfect people that will be able to solve any issues or problems and that the world would depend on these to keep the safe from danger. During the great depression people would actually read and fantasize about the characters this caused them to stop thinking about the problems that were happening around them and they focused on superman saving lives and keeping the world safe.

Superman was designed in 1938 which was very late in the great depression and he was designed by joe Shuster. Joe Shuster was a Canadian American comic book artist who was born in Toronto in 1914 and died in July 1992. Joe sold the comic strip on superman for $130. Superman came the came the symbol of American hope.

The golden age was a prime-time foe sales of comic book sales. The comic books increased sales during world war 2. They increased sales because they were so cheap, portable and had inspirational stories of good over evil. The stories based on what was happening at that time of period. The American characters were much popular, particularly captain America. He was based on aiding the country

Another comic that had a big impact on the great depression was batman. Batman was designed by bob Kane. Bob Kane was an American comic book writer and artist who created batman. Bob Kane was born in October 1915 and died in 1998. Batman was created was 3 different inspirations which was a combination of Zorro which was a wealthy playboy/ masked hero and the shadow which is a dark superhero and Dracula which is a bat like creature. The name of Bruce Wayne come from a Scottish name Robert the Bruce and revolutionly war general Anthony Wayne which he was known as being mad. Bob Kane frequently deals with dark themes in his comics. He often drew his hero’s in black and white and his villains in colour which I think he believe that the villains were more important than the super heroes. Batman was created as a billionaire because this helped the depression looking at him saying that all the power and he was created because readers could imagine a life with no financial constraints. Batman represents the depression era as a fantasy of action, success and justice. He thought common real-life villains that people were dealing with every day. There were a lot of kidnapper and, smugglers, gangs and thieves in the great depression because they were so desperate, and this was when batman fist advisories came in get rid of these problems first. This offered readers to escape from reality from their harsh lives but when they are reading comics this allowed them to believe that there was a hero who used his money and abilities to protect people from the dangerous streets. After a few months they created a sidekick for batman which was robin. He was created because it allowed the children to have a hero to look up to and he represented fighting back and when the children couldn’t find themselves.

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Bob kane

Bob Kane was born in 24th October 1915 and died in 1998, he was a American comic book writer and artist who worked with many famous people such as Bill Finger. He designed for the DC comics books and he designed batman. He became. A big part of the hall of fame in 1994 for Jack Kirby.

Joe Shuster

Joe Shuster was born in 10th July 1914 and died 30th July 1992 he was a Canadian comic book artist he is best well known for creating superman. In 1938 superman was sold for $130 where joe Shuster lost copyright over his character and he tried to sue them for a percentage of royalties. So when the superman film made over $82.5 million. Dc agreed to pay them $20000 a year for a year of life.


(Bowman, 2019)

The cat in the hat by Dr Zeus was designed because Dr Seuss wanted to change the way kids looked at books because they were to boring and the kids wanted something more interesting to read. So Zeus design the cat in the hat who wears red and white and striped hat and a red bow tie. He was created as a child like figure because it represents what children are like and how they can be messy and that they need something to do otherwise they can become bored. The cat In a Hat become a logo for the Random house Beginner books, the production logo for all of the seauss work and the cat in the hat was his most popular character world-wide.

The cat in the hat links to a political feature to the cold war and why the cat in the hat was designed and how it resembles something. The cat in the hat was about the cold war arms race. The story was about the countries that were pro communism during the Vietnam war. This included the north of Vietnam and the Soviet Union. These countries were pro communism and the countries that wasn’t pro communism was south Vietnam and the united states of America. The story also portrays protesters which included the hippie movement. The political statement that the story was trying to show was that there shouldn’t be any type of ruling or political manners in different countries because this could mess up thing like the economy in these countries. The event started on November 1st, 1955 to April 30th 1975. This all happened because Vietnam had attempted to expand communism like Korea had attempted to do before but since the united states had a policy about to contain men. Which means that Vietnam needed permission to do things by the united states and they needed to approve of it. Which made Vietnams government hold because they could become a communistic country. This all happened because Korea and Vietnam wanted to go under for communistic ruling. In the book of the story where sally and Conrad were trying to stop the cat ruin the house before the mother came home and then there would be gigantic mess. Well this all relates back to the Vietnam war when the American people had tried to stop north Vietnam and the allies from becoming their own communism countries.

When the cat is convincing the children that it is okay to do bad things and make a mess and to do certain things the fish was being ignored. Even though that the fish was very peaceful to start off with at the start of the story he was trying to speak his mind and then later on in the book the fish starts to become more aggressive towards the end of the story. So, in history this is related because this is related to the hippie peace movement. The protesters which is the fish in the story didn’t want America which Is related back to the kids to go to war and this why the fish was trying to protect the kids from doing anything wrong. Which basically means that the protestors didn’t want America doing anything bad and they were trying to protect America. (Dr. Seuss Wiki, 2019)

While the cat in the hat is trying to convince the kids and the fish to do bad things this related back to the Vietnam war because this started because Vietnam and Korea wanted communism and they thought that this would be the right path to go down because they would through that it would be okay Vietnam and Korea tried to persuade anti communisms that being communists was okay.

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So basically, the moral of the story is that since Korea an Vietnam wanted to undergo becoming communists but they found out that it wouldn’t work. So, if one country went under communistic ruling then other countries will follow with the act and this would become a chained reaction till all the countries were like this. So Dr Seuss intended the story of the cat in the hat was that there shouldn’t be any sort of different ruling on any country.

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The man who created the patches for the NASA for Apollo 1 was Al Stevens who was born in 1915 in Colorado Springs. Al worked as a graphics designer in 1960s and the 1970s for the space division of Rockwell international in California. He eventually stopped working in 1978 where he started suffering from Strokes and died in 1994. The reason why they used patches as the NASA logo was because they used it in the military and they wanted to carry on the tradition that why the put in the space program. The patches symbolise the space missions that the astronauts go on. They use them to show the what the missions’ goals are

and the crew designed these to be unique for each shuttle and each mission they went on. Nowadays the patches are signed by a computer but back then they. Were hand drawn and then they hand painted allowing Al Stevens to have credit towards Apollo program. (, 2019)

The designs started off with symbol of the earth and the American flag around it showing it as a emblem and then the second version of it they used bold font showing what the title of the 1st Apollo was and in the 3rd version on the emblem they had used the same idea but they just used a lighter version on the font and changed the way they are looking at the earth to. After the first attempts of creating the logo al Stevens went back to drawing board and started to look at different way, he could create the logo, but he had other things in mind. When the crew died in a fire in January 1967. Stevens was asked in designing another patch for the next mission which was Apollo 7. Walt Cunnington wanted to call the patch the “the American boys”. The original plan for the next patch was to have the original patch but have a recovery from the fire from the pad because when there the space craft was leaving it was considered that it was like rising from a ball fire calling it the phoenix. Some of designs that Stevens showed that he tried to interpret the phoenix rising from the ashes and they also showed what the names of the crew were and the flight number they had to. Looking at the 1st few versions of the patch he had used the phoenix but just emphasised the detail on the drawings until he changed his idea and It looked like he started to try and use the top of the space shuttle and their emblem. (, 2019)

Mr cunnington asked Stevens to see if he could concentrate on using a circle around the earth for the patch so it represents the rocket orbiting the earth. After making few more designs that were submitted, they finally agreed on a new patch for the NASA. Stevens tried using 3 different colour schemes to see which one fitted the brief more. Stevens agreed to [image: ]make the next 2 patches for the next 2 missions to. Apollo 8 would be flown 3 people which were called Jim McDevitt, Dave Scott and Rusty Schweickart, these will be a part of the lunar project, but the Apollo 8 was made to switch to Apollo 9 because of delays in deliver the lunar project. Stevens was considering for using 3 horses to represent the 3 people who flew in the aircraft which was supposed to be used for the Apollo 7 which inspired him for his Apollo 8 designs, but they got designed by a man called Jim Lovell which said no to him because he had created his own sketches. But the three horses made an appearance in a patch and in Apollo 13.

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[image: ]The Apollo 13 patch had been started to design and by a man called Jim Lovell which went with the idea of the Greek god driving across the sky dragging the sun behind it. He gave the ideas to an artist called Lumen Winter who was the person who come up with the idea of the three horses flying across the sky’s. So basically, Jim wanted to show the astronauts as gods because they had been on top of the earth and they wanted to look upon us as being powerful and famous and also for people to remember them for what they did for that country. (The National Space Centre, 2019)

After all of this Stevens was allowed to design the patches for the Apollo 11 which was based around eagle and the American flag. What I like about the patches is how detailed they are because I like how they have used the American flag in the image because it shows who was first to land on the moon and what country was there first.

Why do I think I think that he made a big change to the world do I think he is was successful? I believe that he was successful because of what he done and how he is remembered today and what he done to help the world. He helped the world by using patches to represent what each mission was and what each meaning was when they finished their missions. We wouldn’t know what each mission was if Stevens didn’t make each different design and unique to each mission. (The National Space Centre, 2019)

The space races

The democratic space race of united states and the soviet reunion both fighted over who had the best technology and who would be able to achieve the first out of space mission. After world war 2 the 2 countries captured Germanys rocket engineers and including the rocket technology. In 1955 they both announced that they will be launching satellites into the orbit. Spud nick 1 was 1st to be launched in 1957 which was launched by the Soviet Union and then a year late the Americans managed to orbit there first satellite in 1958 which was called the explorer 1 which came to orbit 4 months after the soviet launched theirs in October. When they were still racing each other to get to space they had to think outside the box and in 1961 they got there 1st man out of space which was done by the Soviet Union. The fist man to enter space was Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin who was 27 years old and when he got back to earth, he was believed to be a hero and became very famous for what he did. Then 3 weeks later the Americans managed to their 1st man into space who flew the freedom 7 into space. This is when the Americans were getting embarrassed because the Soviet Union was ahead of them and they needed to become first at something. So present Kennedy made a bold statement saying that they will be first to get a man to land on the moon. So, this was another race to begin. This is when the Apollo program was launched. In 1962 john glen became the first man to orbit the earth. In 1963 Valentina Tereshkova was the first women that entered space which she was a part of the Soviet Union. So, this is when NASA started to get a better income this is what pushed them to get them onto the moon first. When NASA was created, they produced another company called gemni project which would allow them to produce the technology for the astronaut and they will be the first people to see someone walk in space. When technology was becoming better over the years in 1966, they managed to get 2 space shuttles to connect together in orbit. After many test attempts of launching their rockets they finally launched a rocket and managed to land on the moon in 1969. After the Soviet Union had many failed attempts between the 1969 and 1972 but didn’t manage to get onto the moon this meant that America had won the space race. Later on, in a few years’ time the Soviet Union and America in 1975 both went together and joined their space shuttles together and finished a mission together. (YouTube, 2019)

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