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How does adversity shape identity?

How does adversity shape identity?

Adversity, Difficulty; misfortune. Life, it can be good or bad. Has very drastic ups and downs. As a lot of people like to say life is like a roller coaster. Constantly having ups and downs and lots of loops and no matter how much you want it to end there is nothing you can do about it. Although it takes time to be able to get used to everything some people just don’t know how to control or accept it.

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Elijah is a complicated misfortunate man who is searching for his opposite. The amount of unhappiness that the mood what set to from the gloomy rain to the grey skies. These people were not living their lives they may be alive but they aren’t. Being alive you may think literal terms such as breathing eating perfect respiratory, digestive and nervous system but that’s not what really being alive is like. Being alive is waking up in the morning knowing you have endless possibilities. That good or bad can happen any time and that you won’t make it ruin your whole day if you’re living your willing to yearn that day. Elijah didn’t want to live his life he wanted it to be over in the blink of an eye so that he doesn’t need to “suffer’ anymore with the disease. Elijah is a very complicated man. Everyone thought that he was an amazing mentor and that he was a simple person in the movie from the way he talked to the way he gave advice. At the end of the movie he happened to have been a terrorist and killed many innocent people for a reason no very many people know about. As soon as he was caught by David Dunn for all of his illegal actions He finally admitted that he had a purpose. He was beyond happy that all of this happened because he never would have been able to find purpose in his life. He was later than taken to jail. Elijah proves that he is an obsessive bizarre person and always pushed everything way passes its limits. He called David Dunn a superhero and said that they both shared a weakness, water. Elijah really was quite determined for really anything.

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Elijah Price was born with Type I Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare genetic disorder which left his bones extremely brittle: only being born was enough to break baby Elijah’s arms and legs, as the attending physician quickly discovered. Young Elijah was increasingly harshly mocked throughout his childhood by the other children, who often called him “Mr. Glass” for his brittle bone. Continuous visits to the hospital making so that he remains obtained and isolated throughout his childhood, forcing him to seek comfort in his time of distress in his one major hobby, reading comic books.

Eventually, the bullying and the possibility for further injury got too much for Elijah, and he decided to never leave the house again. However, his mother came up with an idea, buying a large supply of comic books as presents for her son, she would regularly put one of them on a park bench just outside their house, essentially forcing Elijah to go outside to retrieve the comic before it could be stolen by someone passing by. Though this gradually had the effect of boosting his confidence and encouraging him to go outside, he never achieved much of social life, and Elijah spent much of his time alone.

As he grew older, Elijah began to think about the existence of a superhuman. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of comic books, he came to believe that superheroes had once been a reality in history, that people with “real” superpowers had been accepted by society in history as mythical heroes and eventually exaggerated beyond reality by the modern entertainment industry. He even theorized that, if he represented the most delicate a human being could be, perhaps there might be someone in the world who stood at the opposite end of the scale – someone who couldn’t be injured like most humans. This was to form a lifelong obsession, beginning simply with him studying the newspapers for stories of people who’d survived catastrophic disasters without being harmed. This gradually grew to dangerous extremes.

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As an adult, Elijah’s devotion to comic books gradually inspired him to start his own comic book art gallery. Here, he would make bombs, plan future acts of sabotage, and chart the patterns of survival in catastrophes throughout the world – some of them planned by him, some entirely accidental.

Just prior to the events of the film, Elijah had begun his search for his opposite in earnest by bombing an airplane and burning a hotel to the ground, both incidents resulting in hundreds of casualties. Disappointed by the absence of survivors, he continued and eventually found David Dunn. He found purpose.

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