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How i started driving my dream car…

How I started driving my dream car…

For quite a while now, I don’t want to admit how long to retain my esteem, I had been stuck in a pickle as I could not find a good car deal in the market for me. Not that I had any crazy aspiration of owning a ‘quantum sci-fi vehicle’ like the ones in James Bond type of movies or that the type I wanted was sold out. I could not just simply find a fairly priced second-hand Mercedes G Wagon, yes, the big square Mercedes jeep. Anyone I found on sale was either outrageously overpriced, in chaotic condition and one was actually stolen. I could tell from how oddly cheap it was going for and the lack of a log book.

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What irks me most is not how long it took me to find a car. What really gets to my nerve is how long I actually tarmacked looking for a good deal and just landed one after two weeks of applying for an online car broker. Irelands leading online Car Finance broker was like a ninja in the arts of finding the best finance deal for me. I could not actually believe the level of efficiency and convenience the services they offer were at. Car financing has never been this easy before.

What is car financing?

Car financing, or auto financing if you want us to get fancy, is a service that aims at ensuring the purchasing of a car is as cheap, convenient and manageable as it can get. It refers to a number of financial products that allow people without having to make full-cash or outright payment of a car to its dealer or manufacturer. Banks and various other financial institutions offer this service, each one charging different rates. You could save plenty of cash from employing such facilities, but you could also be spending more than you should. Therefore, you need to know the best deals to look for. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. There are so many car financing institutions out there. Others are not what they claim and others could be out to even trick you into a scam. Luckily, we have big brothers called car finance brokers who now do all the hard work for us.

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Finance brokers

These guys search across the internet and technically the globe for a good car finance deal to suit your preferences and budget. Finance brokers like Irelands leading online finance broker that helped me acquire my dream car have gone a long way in the business to find the most suitable finance deal. I literally just needed only to apply online on their site and the rest was just a matter of patience. You get a personal advisor who instructs you which documents are needed and keeps you updated by email or phone.

From there, a suitable finance option from panels of different lenders is chosen for you to best suit your budget. Here is where you get to sit back and enjoy the wait for your perfect deal. Once they match you to the available options for you, you are aided in making good a financial decision. You get to choose the duration in which you are going to pay back the lent money and in what instalments. The decision of which car to buy is entirely up to you. Once you have made up your mind and are satisfied, they do the necessary background checks on the dealer as safety is key also and if you are good to go, then you actually go away driving in your new car.

One thing I liked about their service is how pain-free and fast it was. I did not require to pay any deposit either which is also a big win for them. In conclusion, I think I would feel safe to confidently recommend trying out these brokers. Life is too demanding of us, I doubt wasting time on looking for the best car deal for you would be anything but bad for you while you could actually have that done for you with assured results.

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