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How interior design changes your mood

Have you ever had this experience when you enter a home or an office, especially for the first time, you feel something? Have you got the feeling from the furniture or décor? Have you noticed that the interior design of every place reflects something and it has effects on your mood? But, how?

The choice of interior design and decoration of rooms and spaces has impacts on the mood and emotions of new people and even the occupants. If you decorate your home and office on the basis principles of interior design, you can feel more comfortable there. Small changes to layout, color and the material or fabrics can make positive feelings, happiness and improve the mood.

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There are factors involved in this impact and mood:

– The type of design

– The layout style of furniture known as Feng Shui design style

– The color which has been chosen for the theme of design

– The material used to build and design the place

Here we tell you how to have a perfect interior design in your space according to these factors.

How to decorate my home or my office to evoke the positive emotions?

Before beginning decorating, keep your feelings in mind and think about: how do you feel when you enter the place? What does your home or office need? Fresh air? Different furniture? How are the textures? Are they soft in living room or sharp in the office?

You know, you are the best designer for your home or office, so stay true to what you like and feel comfortable with. If you need a consultant, ask your family or friends to bring out the inner feelings that you may not be noticed.

Find the rooms that these positive feelings like happiness, are best suited. In which part of your place you need to feel positive feelings? Each feeling has a room that defines what should be in it from furniture to carpets and drapes to improve your mood. Use the following tips due to the positive emotion:

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– To improve the happiness, consider the gathering places and make the greatest impression. Living room and kitchen are the places you should feel the happiness, so you have to fill them with fresh air, light and elegance.

– To evoke the feeling of comfort, pay attention to the bedrooms and family room. They are the great places to build the required comfort in. This feeling can be done with fabrics with warm textures and rich color.

– The safety is so important when the children are in the home or visiting any place frequently. The best element that can be done in a safe space is window treatments. This is the best possible choice. In addition, cordless controls are another option for safety.

– Romantic feelings are mostly touchable in a room which soft fabrics and drape are used in its design.

What is the suitable color for every part of my home or office?

When decorating any place, mind the color you choose for every room. It should be different according to the function of the space. Designers recommend that we should select this group of three colors as follows:

– Neutral colors for large parts like walls and floors

– Bolder colors for furnishing and accessories used on the floor

– Calmer colors for large and firm pieces like luxury furniture

The color you choose has vastly distinct effects on the mood it creates. The emotion you feel in these spaces can be different. Every color implies a mood and feeling and by this any of them has potential applications in interior design. It’s a rule that light colors feel more open and dark colors gives a heavy feeling and causes an enclosed feeling. Here we point to the symbols of colors. With this list you can choose the mood you prefer and by its color, bring it to the interior decoration. These colors have been categorized from light to dark:

– White: this natural color is a symbol of purity and clearness that defines the space. Using too much white in a room reminds the sterile places like medical centers. Try this color in small rooms that you want to look larger.

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– Gray: it gives the feeling of relaxation and peace and it’s good for the bathroom and the home office.

– Yellow: it’s a cheerful, happy color which is suitable for places full of natural light.

– Blue: it implies a calm and fresh sense and it’s the best choice for parts with high traffic like bathroom and kitchen. Even for the living room, designers use light blue as a popular color for calming. The confidence and stability are the good results of using this color in interior design. Avoid dark blues because they invoke sadness.

– Pink: it’s a warm color used as a symbol of peace, love and happiness. Lovers of red choose this color as a calming alternative. It’s perfect for children’s bedroom.

– Orange: this color gives so much energy so use it in accent furniture or pieces.

– Red: passion and power can enhance the warmth and intimacy of the space. This color is a symbol of passionate energy, love, anger and represents the warmth of fire. Red increases blood pressure and metabolism. This color and the pink have effects on increasing the appetite and energizes the body. You should use this color for a special purpose. Red in decoration on the basis of Feng Shui, represents good fortune.

– Purple: it’s the color of sophistication and luxuriousness, wealth, creativity and ambition, so it’s perfect for bedroom and living room. Although some designers recommend it for any room or any purpose.

– Green: it has soothing impacts. The best place to use green is the entrances to recover the anxiety of outdoor.

– Brown: it’s a color associated with wood and organic things. This natural color is to experience the relaxing mood, use it in any place you gather with the family and friends. Do not use this color as an original color, it may dull your senses and make a sleepy mood. It’s better to mix this color with brighter colors in the room.

– Black: it’s the color of power and nature. It should be used for attractive statement pieces. This color is not good as a dominant color except theaters. It’s powerful and used in creating gentleness. So try it to balance lighter colors in a room and add contrast.

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What are Feng Shui principles of interior design and decoration?

Feng Shui is a way to decorate the space in a way that improves your life and health and make a good mood. It’s about bringing original and natural elements within the interior design and deleting unnecessary and broken things. There are tips to reduce the stress and bad moods physically or mentally. Try the following strategies in decoration to make a perfect mood with Feng Shui principles:

– Take advantage of natural light and maximize it as possible as you can.

– Remove distractions, improve the productivity by decluttering the home.

– Improve the air condition and bring relaxing and a better space to focus by using plants in rooms.

– Have natural elements in every part of your room like metal, earth, fire and water. It’s useful for invoking interest and depth.

– Let the energy and happiness flow into your home with a clean home.

– Mind your personal goals in each room and what you need to achieve in those spaces.

– Add decorative accessories that have any useful function and it’s in a material like metal or earth.

There are endless ways to decorate the spaces like home and office for the purpose of improving and changing the mood which are very easy to do. Do not forget that the first step to make a difference in the living space is to be in the moment and to understand the feelings. Step two is finding the original materials like fabrics and textures which work best for your home and the mood.

Since people live in different conditions and have different emotions and feelings to the type of interior design and different colors, maybe all of these principles we have talked about won’t work for all of them. So try the elements that you feel good about them.

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