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How is cyber bullying affecting the society?

Have you ever been bullied or pick on before from other person. If so how did this bullying affected your mood, also if someone was to be be bullied in some type of way in front you would you step up and stop it. how is cyberbullying affecting the society? Some people think cyber bullying just affects the people but however cyber bullying is affecting the society because bullying people can be extremely hurtful to a victim and can also lead to stress/depression because of the social media we have today which people can make a bad reputation on somebody just by a tap of a button on a screen which some people might exposed others by sending nudes pictures to other people or to the public that would spread fast and would make others look at somebody different.

Emotion starts to effect a person thought of things an leads to the final and worse thing is death, suicide which alot of most people choose to get other things. The minimum of bullied is not really effective like cyber bullying is really not affecting society cause of the social for most because some people can be the ones that start to bullied when they are teased back they would feel mad or sad. Additionally your in school and you like to talk about other people and somebody step up and talk about you even worser that really don’t affect the society if you the one that bullied but don’t like the consequence afterward. First, why certain people decide to bully other students or people. I believe that the reasons why is because the bully is either been bullied before or they lonely and need to get attention so they choose to pick on other people to make them feel good, because feeling unimportant and left out can contribute to bullying. Everyone need some attention, those who don’t have enough will soon turn into bullies at some part of time. Even if they do have a couple of friends they may still crave the attention they feel they deserve but are not getting the correct attention. It is common for a bully to have had problem at home.

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If a bully has problem at home this could be physical or verbal abuse that will affect someone’s mind. That could turn a normal person into and aggressive and emotional being with a fragile mind. You have to understand that if this is the case, than the bully is a victim too. And also probably have a low self esteem, if someone feels they are not smart enough and feel nervous if they are reading a passage in a story out loud to the class the and they begin to laugh and not play attention to the reader could be rude to certain but soon they will react by bullying someone else.

Whatever the reason is, the easiest way for them to achieve that is by putting somebody else down. However, they will find out sooner or later that it is a losing strategy because someone will either fight back physically or mentally. Unfortunately they will probably just go back to finding a weaker person to pick on.

Second, bullies can be jealous of another person which be the reason they start to bully others. This goes with the previous reason of the bullying having low self esteem. If a bully is jealous of a particular person than they will take their frustration out on that person. The main reason for jealousy is often popularity. The victim that is target for to be bully could be more popular than that certain who choose to bullied so he/she can get on their nerves.

Unfortunately some bullies don’t fit any of the the above criteria. Because their main focus for bullying simply boils down to having a big ego. Cause their arrogance has made themselves believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Until someone challenges them on this, and they will continue to have the same frame of mindset of bullying other people, for example a teenage student Mikaya Howard s from creighton university started cutting herself because kids at her school had been teasing her about the cold sores she gets when stressed.

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“She had herpes” they would say thinking that meant some sexual disease. Which led to others teasings, when she would defend herself, they would her and Mikayla walked the school halls fearful. Mikayla’s started counseling for depression, she wanted to end her own life. “When bullying is intense over a long period of time and more serious it has obviously a greater impact on the kids and each kid is impacted differently” Fr. Simonds says.

“Some kids strike out at other people, some people strike out at themselves, some kids get very depressed and sad. parents may not be aware of the apps that their children use regularly. There are many ways that bullying can be hidden in apps and sites, such as texts, videos, and web calls that disappear or do not appear on device’s call or text message logs.

Because of this type of depression it causes for other people or students to get hurt in many ways, and the reason why is cause other people is very different from the other. Which some may probably compare their behavior but most committed suicide and others did not. Website- so, what is cyberbully? Generally, any form of bullying that takes place through digital devices and the internet where people can view, commit and share can be called cyber bullying. cyber bullying may occur through any social media involving online interactions. Because of the most commons things like hate, less knowledge, or the person (bullier) must did not have much, during the time or even their past tense. Therefore the only choice they would choose is by bullying others, so they can feel better. Reasons why bullying is happen now of days is because of increase of technology (social media) which can most likely end someone career.

Bullying, whether the target is aware or not, causes a lot of stress, and stress-related health complications. The impact could be physical and / or psychological debilitating, including but not limited to hypertension heart strokes, depression, etc. website: however means that bullying causes death or more close to death which is stress, that also kills humans now days. But most teengers get target for bullying than other ages because they are more emotionally and start to develop depression very quickly, which will give them the thoughts of suicide and however would hurt their families and friends. Suicide is one of the biggest causes of death in the adolescents worldwide. Between 5% and 20% of children are victims of bullying.

Additionally, the majority of children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self harm and enact suicidal behavior, according to a new study. the research also suggest that its is not just the victims of cyberbullying that are more vulnerable to suicidal behaviors, but the perpetrators themselves are at higher risks of experiencing suicide thoughts and behavior as well.

Cyberbullying is using electronic communication to bully another person for example, by sending intimidating, threatening or unpleasant messages over the internet. Starting to make a negative impact on someone else life is just one way they can destroy a person by consulting picking and mistreating that scholar at school or that next door neighbor. In addition to my previous statement a bully main goal is to harm the reputation or the relationship of a targeted person. Bullying can happen anywhere when a individual is feeling or being harm in any way which he / she would not like to be treated.

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Therefore, even if your just texting on the phone, talking about a girl in your class that you don’t like and you make a mistake and say “she look a …”. In a group chat and than a word get around school and others start to laugh and make fun of the girl because she might have a big nose and may look like a clown.

This can cause you to be a bully if you like the attention and add on and make that certain person feel bad just cause you don’t that someone. However she might have not did you nothing and you disliked a person because they talk to much, which is kind of a crazy reason to dislike a person cause they do have the rights of speech so people can really say what they want if their not talking to you.

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones computers and tablets. Which occur through texting and using apps like social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participle in, or share content. cyber bullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about a person. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyber bullying crosses the line of bullying into unlawful or criminal behavior.

Although, all states have laws on making sure schools respond to bullying, many states do include cyber bullying under these laws or specify the role schools should play the role on responding to bullying that takes place doing or outside of school.

Even though, cyber bullying do exist still and it is going on now. During the past years now from 2016- 2018 cyber bullying have slowly increased do to the key research, as a 2007 pew research study found 32 percent of teens have been victims of some type of cyber bullying. Just a decade later a 2016 study by cyberbullying research center found those numbers were almost unchanged just under the 34 percent of teens reported they were victims of cyberbullying.

Meanwhile, parents remained among the highest to express confidence that their children were cyberbullied at least sometimes, a number that only grew from 2016 to 2018. Across Europe and the Americas, it also appears more parents are either becoming aware of their children’s negative experiences with cyberbullying, or their children are increasingly experiencing such attacks online. Therefore this type of action from bullying can cause a child to commit suicide. For example in this article it talks about how this boy came out at his school and they fun of him, so he killed himself. Jamel a fourth at Joe Shoemaker Elementary School in Denver, hanged himself in his bedroom, Ms. Pierce says her son commited suicide after a year in which he and his older sister were bullied frequently at school. Over the summer he had told mother he was gay. Now she is angry at the school, which she believe the school should have done more to stop the taunts and insult. however i agree on fact that the mother is angry with the school because i also do feel like the school could have did better on working on checking on their scholar and seeing if she or he have been or is being bullied. It would of made a big difference on stopping half of the bullying on proceeding. Because if the bullying was avoid during school than it would have major decrease on dead of suicide from the teenagers being bullied at school.

Although, bullying is still exists and is advance now of days, because we been having school shooting and the social media bullying is cause these shooting. For example from personal opinion. “Bullying and cyberbullying are two major problems that young teens and adults have. These two things are not the same, but they do in fact intersect one another. Lots of people are committing suicide every year just because of this problem. Its starts online then it can lead to neighborhood or even at your own house. And important key to know if you are being bullied, is to talk to someone about it, don’t keep it to yourself. Cyber bullying happens on many of the common places online. This includes places like Twitter or Facebook, but it is also common in chats, instants messaging, and emails and on messages boards. It is really important to think before you post anything personal about yourself online. The same thing goes for if you are being bullied on school campus. Talk to someone about it. Or just stay near an instructor or someone where safe”.

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When, people are being bullied online or on campus, its hurt them and they can go into the stage of stress or depression. They might feel lost and they don’t know what to do about it. That’s when they can not trust anyone, and they become lonely. The worst part of it is when people find them dead. It’s a tragedy! Many people and family member have lots of unanswered questions. Of course everyone wants to know who is involved, so they call the police immediately to investigate.

Meanwhile, bullying and cyberbullying is everywhere no matter what age or grade. Such as elementary schools, high schools, and even college. Bullies think it would be alot better if all the people they harrass would not be here. But the people who were bullied, and committed suicide, I know for fact if they still here, they would also have a better if the ones who started the bullying would faced several punishments.

Therefore, if most teachers and parents would be more aware when it comes to being bullied. No matter if it is online or on school grounds. If teacher or faculty member see someone getting bullied they should take the bullies to the principal’s office for a talk on the harm they are causing on other scholars, so they can realize what they are really doing to people. The same goes for the parents if you know that child is being bullied at school they should speak up and take care of their business. Helping their children on not continuing on being bullied.

Additional, this also goes for the ones who use computers, cellphones, or any other devices. If someone is posting negative things about you, the best thing to do about it is by talking to someone else about it like a friend or delete that social network. That way, you will never see it again, and you can just move on with your life. One of the reason why people like to bully others online is just because they are jealous of those people.

This is exactly why bullying and cyberbullying need to have a better law. Lots of innocent people are killing themselves and killing others just because of this. It’s very important that everyone follows the rules when they make an account on any social media. There is not enough punishment taking place.

The increase bullying is affecting the society because suicides rates have went up and so as thoughts of suicide according to this graph, which i found on this website.

So therefore, this graph describes the reason why some victims that have been bullied committed their death of suicide because of the four problems above on the graph.

In conclusion, I believe that this quotes best summaries my research project. “People’s behaviors are messages, not a diagnosis because I can no longer discern the world’s version of insanity.” -Shannon L. Alder

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