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How london attracts tourist

How London People Attracts Tourist Like Me!

Like communication, transportation evolved way too progressive compared from the ancient times where animals are involved in transporting. We had known way back in time that the old fellas use horses, camel, and other strong animals to move goods and people to the other destinations. Today, you can only see such scenarios on movies where princesses were to sit on a box and be transferred somewhere else either by horses or people and now. The intensive studies of engine mechanism and its parts leap advancement to the invention of vintage classic buses. These are used now a magnet to attract tourists to come to certain place and enjoy living in the old times.

Rides In Vintage and Classic Buses

London, England, a place where you the powerful global cities located attracts tourists in various strategies they had known. No wonder this city in England excels when it comes to economic development because of the impact it has on people’s lives. From these rich royal histories of this place, tourists came in and out to enjoy the heritage of ancient times, the London vintage bus. Hope into the city of London for exciting tours and other activities.

The Vintage Bus Companies In UK

After our instructor had announced to us that we will have a tour, one of our classmates who is an avid traveler excitingly expresses his thought to have our wonder in London. For him, it was such a great opportunity to be a tourism student where you be at first to experience how is it to be in another city aside from your birth city. The one he proposed to us is the city of London. Now, I am here looking for a vintage bus company that offers us to have a sight-seeing around the city. Here are the lists that I compiled for vintage bus companies that offer tours around the city of London on the vintage bus! Aren’t you just excited as me? Hold on!

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1. The Vintage Bus Company

This is independently operated and has a based in Sevenoaks and offers personal exciting tours for corporate events, wedding, or even funeral using their own well maintain vintage buses.

The RML2699- The Austin bought this vintage bus in 2004 and with the expert engineering works they restored it to be such a wonderful ride for those who seek integration of past world in today’s living.

The RML2472- Like the RML2699, this Routemaster had also been restored by the wonderful works of the Bus Doctor and now, this iconic bus would love to roam you in the ancestral city of London.

2. Supreme Malta

This company operates 7 classic buses and they offer two vintage bus tours for anyone who wishes to have a great ride. One that visits the 3 cities which opens daily from 11 at noon to 2:30 in the afternoon and the other one is scheduled every Thursday. You can get a chance to visit the Parisio, Dingli Cliffs, Buskett Gardens and the Palazzo for this one.

3. The London Bus Company

If you are looking for a vintage bus that is out in the market around the 1940s, you can check out the London Bus Company which decks up to 72 passengers. They cater to different types of tours for film shooting, private transfers for tourist, corporate and wedding events. They have 11 vintage buses but the most exciting rides I can pick is with the one with open top Routemaster that can occupy about 60 passengers. Who would love to sit on the upper deck of the bus while having the sight-seeing and taking pictures while on tour?

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Last week, I made these 3 vintage bus company proposal and I was just as excited to let you know that I got it approved! Now, it is about time to say Hello London!

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