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How pollution destroyed america

It was April 17, 2089. The population in America was rising quickly, and many people were starting families at ages as young as 15 years old. This was leading to a problem. There was more trash building up than ever before, and more pollution in general. The landfills were filling up at lightning speed, and they couldn’t keep up with trying to make it safe.

Occasionally some wind would blow some trash out onto the street, but one day there was a protest in front of a landfill. This particular landfill was more of a problem than the others because the trash it was overflowing with was getting out very easily through the fencing that was around it. They were trying to let people know that they should be using more reusable things, and they were walking in a circle holding their signs up high when an unexpected storm came about. It unleashed powerful winds and rains that whipped towering trash from the landfill out onto the protesters and the street. Most of them got injured, and 1 died.

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That was it for the state governor, Emma Davis. She reported this to the president, Jacob Smith, and proposed her idea to fix America’s trash problem. Her idea was to build a spaceship, put all of the trash on it, and when the spaceship gets to space it shoots the trash into space, then comes back down to repeat its job. The president said he loved the idea, and he was going to make sure that NASA started working on it immediately.

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It took many weeks but eventually Emma had a presentation ready to show her ideas and how it would work. She first headed to show the president where he then complimented her on the designs and detailed explanations on the plans. Then, together they went to the Washington, D.C. NASA headquarters. There, they presented the idea of what was supposed to save america from the excessive trash buildup.

The NASA scientists and engineers critiqued her work and pointed out many flaws in the plan but said they liked it, and with a little help it could work. After that they showed her how they could make it better. Emma said it should use a catapult to shoot the trash out randomly into space but the engineers and scientists said that could backfire. The aim of a catapult wouldn’t be as on target as they want it to be, so they suggested the trash be compacted into a ball that would weigh about ten tons, then shot out of a 40 foot long tube aimed directly at where the sun would be in a few days so the sun could burn it.

This wasn’t going to be as expensive as it would have been 50 years ago. They have all of the materials that they need, and their new technology will enter the software which will take about a day. While the engineers and scientists were talking and making plans, Emma was thinking about how when she was younger and the other kids used to make fun of her for wanting to be the governor, saying that she would never be the governor because she was too dumb or stupid.

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See, Emma was held back in first grade for not knowing how to read or write correctly. That made her an easy target for bullying and made it hard for her to make friends. In the middle of the year during her second time in first grade, the teachers suspected Emma had dyslexia. They said she was showing all of the symptoms, and they wanted to start helping right away. Emma started staying after school for two hours everyday so she could work on reading and writing with her teacher.

By the end of the year Emma was reading and writing much better than the beginning and improved enough to move on to second grade.

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