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How salsa dance classes are enjoyable and beneficial for you

Fast rhythm, beat and steps alongside a little Latin swag and you have salsa down. Known for its extensive movements and heart rate accelerating pace, it is one of the greatest activities to help one unwind, relax and let your mind solely concentrate on the task at hand. Salsa dance classes have now become fairly common and it is a great way to get in shape for your favourite cousin’s wedding coming up. Or if it is your wedding, it is an even greater way to bond with your significant other. You will be spending a great amount of time with each other, learning a skill together and while it is a common occurrence for the future married couple to bicker with each other in the days leading up to the wedding, couple salsa classes can be a great stress reliever.

Exercise is extremely important irrespective of your gender and age. If you are not one for exercising then you definitely should try your hand at dancing. Dancing mimics almost the same moves that are used in exercises but in a more uninhibited way and makes the whole process more fun. You can go with your friends, solo or however you may like. There are try out classes available at most studios where you can take a class for free or for by paying a one-time tiny fee. Research has shown dancing to improve bone health in people diagnosed with osteoporosis as it helps to keep bone joints lubricated and can aid in preventing arthritis. Women who go through menopause may also face problems as the body stops producing oestrogen and their bones stop absorbing calcium from the body.

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As one consistently goes for salsa dances, the fast pace of the art can help you significantly in shedding those last few pounds off for good. It tones all the muscles and joints in the body right from the neck to the ankle. While muscle building may not be possible with dancing only, you definitely can develop shapely muscles for example a toned and lifted butt, a silhouette of abs and toned with little visibility of muscles on your legs as well. Depending on the intensity and the speed of the movement that you are doing while dancing the body burns about 5-10 calories in a minute. For a high intensity professional salsa session this makes 600 calories in an hour which is more than enough to reduce weight and build light lean muscle.

Research also shows how dancing can keep your body young. Over the years humans’ heart health deteriorates and if one keeps active and indulges in activities that elevate the heart rate while moving the body, it proves to be exceedingly great for the whole body. People who dance look younger, feel younger and generally give off an active vibe. As dancing helps in anti-ageing it also helps in making your body function properly too. It significantly lowers bad cholesterol in the body and increases the good cholesterol aids in controlling blood sugar control in people who suffer from diabetes.

Apart from health benefits, salsa dance classes have a great effect on your emotional and mental health too. When dancing, one has to recall steps, moves and routines on a daily and that improves the memory significantly. Not only that but when you finally get a dancing routine right, the feeling of feel good chemicals and hormones in the body elevate your mood and make you feel happy.

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