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How technology has made humans become less social in the real world

Humans are social creatures, and since the beginning of time, the primary method of communication was face to face. Up until approximately 50 years ago, there were 3 modes of communication, which consisted of face to face, snail mail, and telephones. Face-to-face was still preferred as the other options were either too expensive or too slow. It’s 2019 now and almost everyone, and their parents, own a smart phone and have access to a computer. Because smartphones and laptops are so easily accessible now, it has had a big impact on the way we communicate as human beings.

Schools are becoming more digital which is concerning especially for young kids. Children in Kindergarten are being given iPads to play games on instead of playing with each other and toys. Kids no longer go outside to play anymore, instead, they are in their rooms playing video games. People fill their spare time on their phones instead of spending quality time with their significant others, or just enjoy the company of themselves. An article written by Phychology Today stated that teenagers aged 13-18 are spending up to 18 hours a day in front of a screen.

Instead of getting on the phone and calling people, most younger people communicate via text messages and emojis. People are also more anti-social now, when you are on the bus, or subway, you’ll see almost everyone staring at their phones. When was the last time you saw someone read a newspaper, or have a friendly conversation on the bus with a stranger? It’s pretty rare now days.

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Technology has changed the way we meet people in real life. If you are single, lonely, or bored, you can simply hop on a dating app and swipe through hundreds of potential candidates living close to you within a matter of minutes. In the old days, you’d have to go outdoors, try to stand out, and meet people before you found someone that was interested in you. Now you just use an app on your phone and get connected with someone instantly.

Friendships can end at the push of a button as social media has become a way to validate your friendships with people to the world. Many young people are obsessed with their number of followers, and the number of likes they get on their posts. When they want to end a friendship with someone, they typically make it official by unfriending/blocking them.

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