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How to improve your skills as an expert witness in psychiatry

Acquiring expertise skills when it comes to Psychiatry witnessing calls or more than just confidence standing in the courtroom. Often, you will meet various agencies claiming to be experts in this but do they have the highly sharpened skills required? Earning quality skills for this will require you to ensure you acquire or meet the following requirements • Quality Education This is the very initial step. There exist highly reputable institutions offering quality education on psychiatry. Having met their initial qualification requirements, you can enroll and have your knowledge sharpened in this direction. Hence after, you should attend internships/ residential training and obtain certification from different but relevant boards. • Conduct Research Absolute comprehension of human thoughts and feeling is never an easy job – given the complexity of the mind. Before, educating the jury on anything relating to the accused, it is essential, to have your facts right. By this, you will have to conduct a lot of psychological research on the person to have more accurate information/perception concerning them. • Specialize Sometimes, bearing several tasks may be very challenging if not overwhelming. Psychiatric witnessing includes lots of specialization areas some of which includes; • Neuropsychology • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination • Suicide • Neuropsychopharmacology • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Sanity / Trial Competency • Impaired Driver • Spousal Abuse • Sexual Abuse • Cognitive Impairments • Stalking Perfecting in 5 – 7 areas of these or any other can be a lot easier and manageable. • Effective Testimony Earing your place as a highly skilled and reputable Psychiatrist witness needs you to have proper communication skills in conjunction with a great acquaintance on legal ethics and trials. The testimony you produce should be competent, unbiased and of great reasoning according to judgmental laws of the society. • Prepare Always before approaching any jury or attorney, get prepared on all the legal matters and relevant questions concerning the subject case. This process involves proper planning, conducting self-practice as well as pretrial conferences and presentation. Through strict observation of the above-discussed ways, one can easily thrush their skills to top levels thus earning them high reputation.

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