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How to protect cats against the cold weather

Introduction You’ll probably know that if you share your home with one or more cats you don’t like cold cats, chills like we can get and are normally very susceptible to sudden temperature changes outside of individual low temperature preferences of a feline can cause a lot of health complications from a simple cold to the risk of hypothermia in this animal wise

Weather in preventive medicine: all cats need to receive adequate preventive medicine throughout their lives, we recommend taking your cat to the veterinary clinic for a general health check a few weeks before the start of the winter and, if necessary, updating their vaccinations.

Balanced nutrition: a cat’s diet is an essential factor in their optimal health throughout the year with winter we need to pay special attention to the nutrition of our cats as they will need more energy to maintain body temperature, especially if they have access to outside kittens and elderly cats will need special care because their bodies are more fragile and sensitive to low temperatures Body and mind environment are more likely to consume fluids after exercise if your cat is not very interested in drinking water, you can add moist food to your diet as a way to supply extra fluids.

Shelters and spaces for cats: cat shelters are an effective way to prevent exposure for cats with access to the outside, and it is also a good idea to leave an extra shelter outside to help feral Street cats stay warm on the coldest rainy winter days that they even protect from the sun in the pet shops in the summertime. Location of your felines hiding place so that you can avoid leaving it near the windows wherever chilly breezes come in, giving preference to quiet rooms with plenty of light

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Jacket for a cat: maybe it’s a good idea to help regulate their body temperature and avoid health problems due to cold exposure, it’s especially important for hairless cats as I tend to be more sensitive to low temperatures because their absence of fur makes it harder to maintain heat and leaves them vulnerable to climate change if you’ve adopted a sphinx or any other type of hairless cat. We could also avoid jackets with superfluous buttons or accessories on their skin or in the respiratory tract as they might fall off and be ingested.

Home heating: during winter it is essential that we avoid being exposed to sudden changes in temperature and unfavorable environmental conditions, which is why the interior of our house is the safest and most protected place for our cats in winter with the help of home heating, so that we can keep our house at a suitable temperature for ourselves and our pets.

Be careful with your cat’s appearance behavior if you observe any unusual symptoms or behaviour.

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