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How you can enjoy a food-filling summer[image: ]

How you can enjoy a food-filling summer[image: ]

Ah… summer, a period of time where you would want to stay indoors with comfort of air conditionings to beat the heat. With comfort comes laziness, everyone would love to stay at home instead. But then food may become a concern since you don’t want to order food deliveries for 3 months straight, do you? No worries, there are brand new dishes out there that make your trip going outdoors worth it. Our featured restaurants in this article includes Maison ES, handcrafted by Chef Esther Sham and Jamie’s Italian, a British branch diner by Jamie Oliver and his teacher Gennaro Contaldo.

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To make the dining experience worth going out and enjoyable in the heat, you can be reassured that innovative restaurants will bring creativity to the table, and into food heaven. Hong Kong Island maybe small, but it is also jam packed with places to go and gourmet to devour. Maison ES can be found on No.1A Star Street while Jamie’s Italian will be revealed once you go to 2/F Soundwill Plaza, 1 Tung Lung Street.

Asian home cooking with a side of creativity

Esther, who experienced the Los Angeles dining culture, is the creator behind this Maison ES course with the taste of familiar. The appetizer will be serving roasted marinated tomatoes with organic egg yolk in miso soup, quinoa and Japanese mizuna (HK$168), which idea is taken from tomatoes and scrambled eggs. For the main course, steamed turbot with celtuce, crispy rice, spring onions and preserved Chinese cabbage sauce (HK$360). We cannot miss out on cauliflower, black truffle, fried tofu with miso sauce (HK$188) and Japanese black abalone, cherry tomatoes with noodles paired with sauce (HK$380).

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Fascinated? On another part of the menu, food porn doesn’t stop. We can have Hokkaido scallop sashimi, urchin and cucumber with ginger jelly as starters (HK$198). Followed by slow cooked octopus with beans and Chinese sausage (HK$188), Spanish Bellota ham with fruits and fried pork skin (HK$188). The multicultural element of the menu is what makes the meals special and almost one of every kind of food is made. From culinary, seafood to vegetarian, anyone can enjoy them.

Treating your sweet tooth

Savoring the sweet for last as never-before-seen dessert is coming next. Food cravers like you can try a

brownie made from acorn cream and Valrhona 70% dark chocolate paired with crispy egg white

(HK$108), as well as Acacia ice cream with homemade lemons and earl grey tea sabayon with pistachio

wheat sticks (HK$108). Do not underestimate the creativity behind the ‘black sesame rice dumplings

symphony’ which consist of black sesame pudding served with Hokkaido red beans, white sesame rice

dumplings and ice cream(HK$98). We guarantee that it is filled with surprise.

Another one bites the crust

Celebrating its fourth year anniversary in this summer, branches of Jamie’s Italian in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui will be bringing an all-you-can-eat pizza party alongside seasonal dishes (HK$168 + 10%). Pizza cravers, rejoice!

The brand new all-you-can-eat pizza party is best suited for a group of people. You can bring your family members, colleagues or friends for sake of sharing. The party offers 4 sets of seasonal delicacy and one signature Jamie Oliver Italian pizza. There are plenty of pizzas for you to choose from, from Pimped Margherita, Hong Kong Hot to new summer menu additions. The ingredients include zucchini, vita cheese, kale, chili pepper, béchamel sauce and Summer Veggie. How can we miss out on an alternative seafood pizza? We can’t, because Frutti di Mare consists of pickles, shrimps, squids, fennel, avocado and dill. Is your mouth not watering yet?

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Everyone gets to eat

Jamie’s Italian doesn’t only cater towards pizza lovers, even ‘carnivores’ and ‘spaghetti monsters’ are also welcomed there. One appetizer includes scrambled eggs, asparagus, grilled bread crumps, Italian pork chop and cauliflower made with lemon (HK$118) and crab avocado French toast (HK$118). Such fresh-ness is the way to go start your appetite.

More dishes that you must never miss out on include the pepperoni spaghetti (HK$188), its ingredients include homemade spaghetti, pepperoni, tomatoes, shallot and cream; a 8-hour-slow-cooked ribs with vinegar (HK$488) is no exception. Its specialty is that it is paired with crispy vegetables, celery salad, red wine sauce and Italian spice. There’s no better family meal out there.

Bon Appétit[image: ]

There are lite delicacies for those who don’t want to eat heavily. Feel free to try the latest kale and avocado super salad (HK$188), free-ranged chicken, salmon from a sustainable source or vita cheese to pair up with a side dish (total HK$58). Those side dish may include barbequed broccoli or fried asparagus.

As you can see, the ingredients used in these recipes are not commonly used by local restaurants. So if you have longed for some new food to fill your stomach, all you need to do is to withstand the heat for a moment and dine like a king.

Maison ES

Address: G/F, 1A Star Street (entrance at

Electric Street), Wan Chai Tele: +852 2521 8011 Website:



Jamie’s Italian

Address: 2/F, Soundwill Plaza II- Midtown

1 Tang Lung Street

Causeway Bay

Tele: +852 3958 2222

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