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Human body

A human body- full of complications. But its complexity makes daily routine very simple. A pale coloured 3-pound organ looks like an uncut bread or bun with some wrinkles on it, it is known as the brain. The brain is actually a godfather of the whole body. From the surroundings of another world to thinking immediately, it all happens in the brain within a blink. We are happy or sad or smarter or mad, just because of the functioning of the brain. The brain can be differentiated into three major parts- cerebellum, cerebrum and brain stem covered with the skull. Now heading towards the digestive system. It is like a interlinked process. There is not just one organ involved in this process- it starts from mouth then food pipe then stomach then liver and kidneys and lastly both intestines. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will describe how my body meet with challenges that I face every day. First of all, whatever happens in my body or whatever steps or moments I take, are actually commanded by my brain. At the beginning of my day, to be honest, I always thought that I have the calibre to change the world. In this race of changing the world, something named as “sleep inertia” something called obstacles got placed in my way and that is every day. And makes it more difficult to tackle with my modus vivendi. It has been said “you will feel fresh after a good sleep” and 8 hours sleep is enough for us to stay active but even after 8.5 hours sleep why a ‘groggy’ kind of feeling occurs in my body? Why it is becoming more harder to say goodbye to bed and hey to morning coffee? The biological reasons are hidden in my brain’s cerebral where the flow of blood got slower. To my brain, it took some time to get back in the real world. Probably, a short while of 15 or 18 minutes, is needed for primitive brain parts like the thalamus, to get its blood circulation to the normal level. This is something like shifting the gears of the cars. When car’s gear is shifted to reverse while the car is going on, it takes a very short time to the car to stop first and then go backward. Same as our brain, while waking up, we need some time to understand where we are in reality? What is the reality, the dream or the atmosphere we see instantly after waking up? To me, it takes almost two minutes to identify whether I am in India or Canada? Also, there are some people having high dreams recalling strength. This is something happens in our brain and it all depends on the ‘alpha wave’ inside the brain, got decreased sustainably. Actually, the brain stops responding with the actions of outside stimuli. In the gist, everyone shows a decrease in their alpha wave but high recallers got an immense decrease in their brain wave. Probing ahead, after waking up, the first thing that surprises me every day is that why I’m not feeling hungry. As I have slept for at least 8 hours and still I am not hungry. The answer is my two antagonistic hormones- leptin and ghrelin. Adipose tissue release leptin hormones which decrease our hunger whereas ghrelin does the opposite and it is produced by the stomach. The process is production and reduction. The production of leptin got inclined and reduction of ghrelin begins. But why this all happens? The answer is our sleep. The process of repairing cells and tissues get started and because of this our metabolism got lowered but to lower down the metabolism, our body requires to control the appetite and appetite got controlled by declining the hunger level. In short, this is just a chain process and connected to each other. After all this, now its time to get set and go!!!!! to the university. Fortunately, inside the house, its hot due to the heaters but God’s plan is totally opposite. Usually, its snowing and raining in Vancouver and temperature is low. In the early morning, I go for college and in the late night around 10, I get back to home. Because the sun is disappeared at both times, the temperature remains approximately similar. Now here the trouble is! Why I feel cold while going to college in the morning but not while returning home after work? The answer is in my previous explanation. As I mentioned that it is a chain process, it is connected with the metabolism. A human body shivers and feels extremely cold when metabolism is low and because I got outside of the home after 20 minutes of awakening, my body’s metabolism did not get regenerated properly but at night time after a lot of physical activities I got my metabolism up and hormones properly active at the time. Therefore, i feel more cold in the morning and least in the night. Furthermore, while travelling nothing different happened to my body, or I do not observe anything. But after visiting to campus, usually, a fear of anything strikes with me. Furthermore, its maths test today and I do not feel properly prepared or will I will be able to get admission in next semester. Now coming back to the brain. Amygdala, (almond-shaped nuclei set ) situated in the temporal lobe of the cerebellum, is the identifies of emotional and it also responds to the emotional activities. People get a different kind of result appearing in their body when they are afraid of anything. In my body, I got sweat on my forehead when in a fear factor. Hippi campus is actually combined with the amygdala. Along with prefrontal cortex, it explains everything to brain and brain understand what is going on and how to react? Now moving to the reading part. Reading is something that we all do while studying. Some feel sleepy, some get active and some totall get indulges in it. In my case, it depends. In communication class, I am a moderate reader got activated. But what is going on beyond it is the brain’s connection with reception of language got connected with left temporal of the brain’s cortex and this connection also gets heightened. This was all about a moderate reader but sometimes I get into the skin of the character and try to adopt it in my own. At that time, along with the heightening of that connection, activity is of central sulcus got increased too this part of our brain is best known for activating the primary sensory motor. Neurons also play an important role in this case. While reading deeply, they form the sensation about what actions have been taken in the reading story and the best part, when sometime we feel that sensations of books, is also because of our brain’s activity. For instance, a couple of days ago I was reading a fairy tale in English class which was provided by the professor. There was a scene in that story where the princess was eating an apple. As I read, I started feeling hungry too. That was the moment where critical thinking of English strikes with critical thinking of biology. At last, I observe other situations of my daily routine such as working for a job or walking, running etc. all are quite normal or have some internal reasons as I mentioned above. For instance, I do not feel sleepy at work because of my previous concept of metabolism. Metabolism is generated at that time and I feel awake. But still, one thing surprises me a lot, in my daily routine is my hunger. Why do I feel hungry while studying? As much as I know or heard, normally its everyone’s everyday suffering. Fortunately, I did not have to burn a lot of calories to get the answer to this because ‘this is the answer’. While thinking we actually burn calories. A normal human body utilizes more brain and nervous system while studying. Therefore, our body starts demanding for glucose and blood sugar level started decreasing. As a result, a person starts feeling hungry. To conclude, at every new second of time, our body meet with new challenges. Where is a vast world of the biology behind our every move. Biology has logical answers to our every stupid question. It is necessary to know more and more about our body through these answers for a smooth cycle of life.

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