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Human flaws such as cultural ignorance and desire for excess

Human flaws such as cultural ignorance and desire for excess are clearly depicted thus far in the film. This film is based on suffering and survival of the deprived and the differences between the “cargo” of the La Amistad and the rich Spanish in charge. In the opening scene, the enslaved Africans screaming on board are especially focused to emphasize the overall tone. The film director primarily emphasized the powerful imagery of their struggles in the beginning of a rebellion when one breaks free of his shackles. In the following gruesome scene in which many of the Spanish were impaled by their swords– the looks of anguish on the Africans’ faces were heavily focused on. The film also portrays the presence of cultural ignorance and the human desire for excess.

The film’s stark depiction of the idea of excessive desire is seen clearly. Desires continue to constantly arise in people; however, an excess of desire differs from– greed. Greed is uncontrollable, insatiable, it is simply a barrier from being satisfied. Secondly, greed is something that can be described as an endless quest for having more than what one already has. It has lead to disastrous incidents where humans have willingly harmed and exploited others as they are of a ‘lower’ race to feel superior. This is in a way an example of the theory for the survival of the fittest, where a group of “the fittest” individuals fit in, whether this may be based on people born in a rich heritage. Is it then true that human evolution is directed by monetary aspects? The example of the film, La Amistad, where the human desire for excess in noted– can be seen that slavery turns people into commodities. It is seen as the most practical method of changing people from responsibilities to being assets. The main essence of slavery is that human beings with their freedom of will, their own desires, are used as tools or viewed as assets, exhibits the brutality of slavery.

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Instances of brutal behavior towards other human beings are clearly depicted in the film and the effect continues to be seen today. Cultural ignorance plays a tied role with desires for excess. It is important to understand different cultures and practices, or it leads to conflicts. Racial conflicts happen as many fail to understand that it has been put there as a social construct to separate people or communities.

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