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I am a painting

I stand in front of the canvas contemplating how I am feeling and am in a very joyful state.So my idea for my painting is a self portrait of myself with the background of the beach behind me.

Filled with excitement I quickly picked up a thick paint brush and started painting the beautiful beach with a very rich golden yellow paint and the sky in a majestic baby blue color which just made the background pop with eye catching colors. I put finer detail into the sand by adding different contrasts of yellow in the sand to create a grainy affect to make the sand look more realistic, then for the sky I added a few white fluffy clouds to also show that I have a sensitive side. In the top corner of the painting the sun respresents how I have a bright future ahead of me.

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The waves of the ocean were very calming and the ocean represented how much joy I was filled with. The other specific detail in the ocean was that there was a shark lurking in the distance representing all my haters and negative things people could say. The shark is in the distance to show me as a powerful person who has the courage to overcome tough challenges in my life.

Now for the portrait of myself and my face has a facial expression of happiness. In my eyes you could see the hope and hard work I have put in to become successful. I have a simple low haircut and I’m wearing a Hawaii shirt that shows how I’m a relaxed person but if you look deeper inside me I have goals and I like to think and look in to my future.

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In my self portrait I am wearing a pair of my favorite headphones playing my favorite song by The Notorious B.I.G. I really looked like I am having the time of my life. I am also wearing a hat which has a picture of a soccer team this show the passion I have for playing soccer and also how I am a loyal supporter of my club.

The other specific detail is that I have a small tattoo on my neck which has my mother’s name to show the most important person in my life. My mother also is my main motivator in my life because she is a successful businesswoman. My mother is also for me the definition of gritty person because she is mentally very strong and can overcome any tough situation that life throws at her.

I then finally took the thin paint brush and prescisely put a very mordern and classy border around my painting to show how I care about being a perfectionist in all aspects of my life. The border for my painting also shows how I constantly put meticulous detail into creating a successful future for myself. On the bottom right corner I put my signature to show who did the portrait and it also represents how I want to ultimately leave a mark in my life that will impact the future generation in positive and I how I want to finally be a role model.

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