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Ideas for decorating hallways and hallways in our house

Ideas for decorating hallways and hallways

In our house there will always be a corridor or hall, or rather, if you want to see it in another way, some space that connects two others. Although we do not have a hall, there will be a corner at the beginning of this, at the entrance door, where you will locate and offer your first welcome to your guests. Therefore, we will see how to decorate corridors and halls, or simply how to create them because they are very interesting and necessary. Follow these tips that I will give you.

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Warm and natural atmosphere

When decorating corridors the best solutions are those that make the passage areas of your house attractive and functional at the same time. Likewise, as in the decoration of reception rooms, we must provide warmth and a natural transition between spaces.

The coordination of several functional pieces, such as consoles, mirrors, frames or rugs will be the key when designing the hall or hall of your house with subtle changes you can define and differentiate the two spaces following the same decorative style.

Essential furniture

In these types of environments there is furniture that is classic design and cannot miss. Such is the case of the consoles, which is the furniture that we usually find in these spaces. In this piece you can leave the keys, the correspondence or anything that should be at hand. You can complement it with large mirrors or vases. If your space is light in color, let it be an intense color like brown.


To give a special welcome in your hall make the lighting is reinforced using floor or table lamps but do not use general light because you will lose the sense of detail. The wall sconces are also a good ally especially if you decide on incandescent bulbs instead of halogen bulbs.

Divide spaces

Think that the floor of the passage areas is very exposed to wear because it is a place where everyone circulates. So, I recommend that you protect it with rugs, which also serve to divide the two spaces.

In the hall, he opts for carpets with shades that fuse with the space, so that he acts more as a protector than as an emphasis on space. In the corridors you can choose more emphatic colors if you want above all to signal more the circulation. Another element that helps to differentiate the environments are the coatings on the walls or simply different shades of color.

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If this is the style that goes with your home you can get these tips to redecorate these spaces. When decorating hallways and hallways remember that they are the spaces that undoubtedly all inhabit your home.

Decorating the entrance to your home

The letter of introduction to your home, however much it is a transit site, is the entrance, from the door to the living room. It is the space that most people see in the show your tastes and the sense of your home.

For starters, one of the decorative elements par excellence that we usually find when entering a house is the doormat, so take time to choose one that defines you, to give your house that roll that will then be found on doors inside.

In general, the floors have small entrances that are part of the corridor that communicates with the kitchen, the bathroom and even a room, until you reach the living room. It is important before thinking about what we want, it is important to be aware of the size we have. They have to be an entrance that does not burden the sight, with the right elements.

Once inside, it is important to get lighting as natural as possible, at the entrance. The decoration of the entrance will always depend on the available space, so first of all our design must be able to adapt to the place and make it pleasant and invite access to the interior

It is essential that there is lighting, to be as natural as possible. That the stay is cozy, with simple and useful elements. Usually these are the decorative elements of the receivers:

Ideas for decorating hallways

Today I am going to give you some ideas to strengthen the corridor and make the most of it, so that it ceases to be that unused, empty and unattractive passage zone.

The corridor, contrary to what you think, should stand out, because it is one of the busiest areas since it distributes the space taking us to the different rooms of the house.

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Needless to say, light colors, good lighting and avoiding excess furniture that hinder the passage are key for our hall to look broad and bright, but I’ll also give you some advice to turn it into another space in the house that look and enjoy.

If the width allows you place some furniture to avoid the feeling of emptiness, but they must be narrow and not too high to avoid overwhelming the space. Take advantage to decorate them with some vase, candles.

Inspiration to decorate hallways and passageways


145To give life to our receivers, enrich the boring corridors or the corners of passage we leave you some ideas full of inspiration so that with four details we create spaces full of style.

No need to spend much we can decorate our wall with a single list of stamped paper combined with paint in shades that make it stand out, as seen in the first image.

• If we dare with a photomural or the entire wall covered with paper we can get results as in the second image and in case of not wanting to give too much prominence to the wall we can bet on more neutral colors of paint.

• If we fit a perfect buffet, in Decor we have some models like the Hermes, the Gerona or the Romantic that could serve but in case of having little space we can always play with more versatile small modules that allow us to support some objects like those of the Alpha collection.

• If we finally bet on a striking wall covered with paper it will not be necessary, but if we have more neutral walls, pictures, photographs or mirrors will be good allies to finish dressing the walls. To place decorative furniture on the furniture, we can play with vases, plants, small objects, lamps.

• With a little skill, the elements chosen, combining colors and creating harmonious spaces, we will obtain elegant spaces full of style.

Walls, floor and ceiling: looking for luminosity

To make the corridor seem wider, the essential elements with which to work are the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Properly treating these areas, you will improve the brightness of the space without adding anything else. We tell you how:

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• It is obligatory and logical to paint the walls in light colors. The best is white, although other neutral tones can also be used: some very light gray, beige, cream tones.

• If you want to combine several colors, it is not advisable to use more than two. Both should be similar, one slightly darker than the other. If you want to widen the area, it is best to place the first one in the lower part of the wall.

• For those who love wallpaper with geometric patterns, it is recommended to use vertical stripes, which will make the corridor higher. And, as always, in light and neutral tones.

• Paint the doors and frames the same color as the walls, that way they will camouflage themselves in the whole hallway and contribute to that feeling of greater amplitude.

• As for the ceiling, painting it with a darker shade reduces the height of the corridor and is a good option if it is exaggerated.

Help yourself with lamps, paintings or mirrors

Another essential element that is not usually treated with justice in the corridors is the lighting , capable of changing the environment. When you place the light bulbs, it is best that they are directed towards the walls or towards the ceiling, so that the light helps the clear tone of the walls and, thus, together, they contribute to widen the corridor. If you are lucky enough to have natural use, let it enter freely.

If they do not hinder the passage, do not discard standing mirrors, for example, they are able to bend the feeling of space. The same requirement must be met by bookstores or small consoles. They should not be an obstacle to the transition from one site to another. If they comply with it, it is advised that they also be light colors, so that there are no contrasts.

Finally, pictures or photographs, which are not heavily embossed and preferably represent landscapes or scenes with a lot of depth of field, can be used as decorative elements.

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