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If there is life, it’s within you

If there is life, it’s within you”,

If you are searching, searching outside? Searching in this world ?, I feel you must search it within you.

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Love this life as this life is so mean to you that it’s always with you and with it’s all grace it was only created to take care of you.

While walking towards the end of the road you always find a new mysterious way and new ways end up discovering a new form, a new way of living, may be a new form of life with greater means to celebrate it. But while walking you never had a dead end when you walk it with wisdom. While wounded thought you always find yourself crying and life struggles. So be clear on what you have started, had started a new strategy for you to live this life with it’s better purposes and it’s better means.

You know why you feel burden to live sometimes, why it becomes so difficult to live and even breathing is now so heavy. I tell you how exactly it happens, as and when we plan our desires with king size dreams and confused ambitions life also plan the journey along with us and upon walking in the same direction with our unclear ambitions we realised we will not make it up and we change our plans again to queen size dreams and with us our loyal partner life again pack necessity suitcase to fulfill all the desires. Thus every time with change in plans living becomes difficult as the suitcase becomes heavier due to confused ambitions. And then we blame life. When we couldn’t reach the desired destination we blame life. But this is not life meant for, it is not created to destroy you it was always created to take care of you. So, if you believe on something you must trust it, you must stick on to it, till you get it, life must be lived and journey of it should be in that same direction, the direction you want to live desperately without keeping any doubts in mind, with free will, with full trust on to it, and with your total determination. Even if you don’t trust fully on to your own plans for living, believe me; on the opposite side life has already trusted it completely and planned the journey with you to get you on the successful mark with all the necessary suitcase.

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Honestly I don’t understand tomorrow, I can’t see it through my eyes but I must see the day as that’s the only key to unlock coming tomorrow as living this moment give me enough to keep living, keep moving, keep exploring the coming days and nights.

The most essential element of living is how good you makes mistakes as while making it you nurture yourself, mould yourself and nurturing and moulding gives a better perspective in life and this makes you more matured, sensible to see things and lead you in ways to live a life with better prosperous and may be a purposeful reasonable living. But you must be still wondering why I am certifying mistakes as the most essential elements of life, that’s because of my past learning and even from the most ancient stories of living life that if Adam and Eve had not made a mistake of eating the apple we would have never gained a conscience. If the flying thunder had not made a mistake of falling in the flowing water there would never have born an amoeba, a smallest form of life and There by their divisions have created various versions of life, various forms of life. Looking into this discoveries mistakes deserves the certificate of most essential elements of life. Again on to say this feels proud that the life and while living on to it made mistakes have also created a life, as life was only created to take care of you, right!

You always start and end up in failure and many times success is joyed but now you know that stopping at an end has never helped you. Questioning a situation with an open eye provide you the reason and a solutions. At an edge of solutions you might have always wondering that’s only because you always have kept boundaries for you but life never draw a limited boundary wall. It always strokes it self with full acceleration to get you what’s always right.

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So I have moved on in life and I am keep moving, thinking that’s the only way to see the other way, to see the other side of life. If keep moving is disturbing you believe me holding on to one place even firmly will bother you a lot and keep bothering want help much, ask me? Really it really don’t help much.

While writing I was really on to a journey, had not slept a night, had no scope to relax but was willing to share what I might can and what’s my mind is up to and shared a thought that might help one another insomniac night.

As many nightmares I have seen it has came and gone and I saw rising sun each day. The next day of life, the another day, the past one, the next one, the old, one the gold one, someday a bold one, some really a coward one, some heroic and some are really special. And hence has kept holding each day by moving with each passing day, I have grown and may have learnt to live this life.

When you live it with it’s flow you need nothing much to live but when you go against it flows you really need to push hard to live it. Ya even difficult to breath it, as when you stop breathing by holding your nostrils life push so hard from within and you start breath the elixir of life. So how you live? you must live by a push towards the aim of living and life push to live it back just like a good symbiotics.

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Even after knowing everything we still have certain situations in life that we really don’t understand what’s happening?, what’s going on?, why it’s happening in that pattern?, in those times trust your best man “Time”, have patience and trust your best man Time, the greatest warrior on this earth Arjun have learnt Bhagvat Geeta from lord Krishna himself and forgotten, again Krishna thought him how to live in shorter form AnuGeeta but still upset Arjun asked lord Krishna to write something on wall in very few lines in such a way that by only reading of those lines he should be happy in sad or bad time and he shall still remains peaceful and firm in a real good time and as always a solutions of everything and a solution for every form of life lord Krishna wrote on wall that we must keep in our mind too that “This time will also get passed” , “આ સમય પણ જલદીજ પસાર થઇ જશે”. And this beautiful lines had always helped a warrior Arjun and still will lead us to live a peaceful life.

So, if you find life on moon or not, doesn’t matter but you must find it within, that’s matter a lot, it mean a lot. Life mean a lot, mean to you mean to the earth and mean for every existences of Life.

So, with a tag line I Ashishkumar Tailor has always quoted this on to my each writable wall that

“Live each moment of your life so gratefully that the each lived moment shall blessed you.”

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