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If you can dream it, you can do it. I’ve always had this little dream of doing something

If you can dream it, you can do it. I’ve always had this little dream of doing something

great, something helpful for my society with the knowledge and the skills I possess. This

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dream of mine has become the ultimate goal of my life.

Ever since I was young I was a quick learner and inquisitive about how things work in

reality. Science helps me to know how things work and that is what fascinates me. Also

my quantitative and analytical abilities implanted in me a special interest for

mathematics and science. My bent towards mathematics and analytical skills impelled

me to choose mathematics, physics and chemistry as my major in Pre University College


In the pursuit of knowledge, I have always adopted an austere approach in order to

attain a profound understanding of the subject at hand. This has amply reflected in my

consistently well performing career, always in top 10 of the class and having received

numerous awards. I look back to the day when I received Best Student award in my

school and my father gifted me a personal computer. I began to look at the computer

beyond just its entertainment value and seriously consider computer science as a core

subject in my undergraduate studies.

Excellent performance in my PUC

combined with remarkable score in the Engineering

Entrance Examination coupled with my passion for engineering studies secured me a

merit-based admission in B.V. Bhoomaraddi college of Engineering and Technology with

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Computer Science and Engineering as my discipline. I was introduced to programming in



semester with the course “Computer programming using C”.I was inspired by my

teacher and the way he taught the subject helped me excel in it and also developed my

passion for coding. A well-structured and comprehensive curriculum in the college”,

along with an experienced faculty, has given me a broad prospective and better

understanding to the fundamentals of core Computer Science subjects viz., Computer

Organization and Architecture, Data Structures Using C, Operating Systems, Database

Management Systems, Computer Networks, Object Oriented Programming, Design and

analysis of Algorithms, Software Engineering etc. I have completed various projects

both out my own interest and also as a part of my undergraduate course. I initiated

myself for a project where I developed a windows 8.1 app titled world explored which is

in the windows app store.

In my 8


semester, I got an opportunity to undertake internship at Robert Bosch which

gave me exposure to the corporate world. During the course of internship, I worked on

a proof of concept titled “Strawberry harvesting solutions on Bosch IoT Cloud” that

helped me learn cutting edge technologies like spring framework, AngularJS etc. and

work on cloud services. It also improved my problem solving and inter-person skills.

Eventually the proof of concept won the project for my department. In the last semester

of engineering, I secured 10 Grade Point Average which is considered to be

“Outstanding” in the university standards. And I passed out engineering with 9.32

Cumulative Grade Point Average.

I started my profession as an associate software engineer at Robert Bosch. I am

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currently working in Java domain and involved in developing web applications for

various clients across the globe. I mentor interns and guide fresher’s in their work. My

dedication and commitment towards the work is always appreciated by my superiors.

Besides the curriculum, I have participated in various extracurricular activities

conducted in college and at workplace. I also played active role in organizing events

under Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) in college. At my workplace I have

taken interest to organize sports, team building, cultural and fun events.

I feel that dedicated research is the only way to gain in-depth knowledge of a subject.

Graduate study provides the perfect environment to pursue research and thus gain

better perspective of the subject. TU Kaiserslautern holds top positions in Germany’s

university rankings. And also the program focuses on deepening the knowledge and

learning cutting edge technologies in many areas of computer science. High quality

education, excellent methods of teaching, academic motivation in students and the

general perception around to excel have led me to seek admission in your university. I

think that having such a sound academic environment at a reputed university such as

yours, I will be able to explore my potential to the maximum.

I have gathered all my dreams and tied them up in a unique goal and I am sure that I’ll

achieve them one day. What I only need is an opportunity.

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