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If you steal i will sue

Dear Mr. President”,

I hope you are having a good day and that I am not distracting you from your duties by writing you this email. I’ve chosen to write this email to give you advice on ways to lead the United States in a better direction for all. My name is Niccolo Machiavelli. I am a man of many things, some of those things being intelligent but today’s discussion I will focus on power and leadership. You may have heard of writing of mine called The Prince that voices my thoughts on the philosophy of human nature. Today humans display behaviors of being greediness, self-centered, backstabbing, selfish mammals that can speak and conjure evil plans to use and betray all, as long as they end up with green bark in their pockets. We, humans, care for our selves only and “…will hate you more if you take their property than if you kill their friends and relatives” (Machiavelli 16). Human beings like shiny objects on their fingers, wrists, necks, inside their nose, basically all over their bodies. We, creatures, are very materialistic people that love to brag to others about the items we obtain. We cuddle up toward someone, act as we care then we get the recommendation we need and kick them to the curb, leaving them to questions every word they ever spoke to you.

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Humans are passive-aggressive type of people, some would say too-faced and no I am not talking about the makeup brand. But simply I mean that we love you one day then are over you the next. Because of this our politicians do not care about a change for anyone unless it results in more money and power over everyone else. Do not fear President Trump for I Nicoli Maheville will counsel you toward the right direction to become a better leader. As you may already see Mr. Trump from your abundance of wealth that money is an excellent thing that can be used in many good ways but instead “he too must learn how not to be good” (Machiavelli 17). To be a better leader you must engage in the games that the rest of the world carries on. You must desire to be feared to improve our country because “…they will not betray you if they fear you and think you can punish them” (Michevelli 16). If they fear you, you will have them under your control and they must obey your orders and no one else’s. Your many visions will not longer be critiqued and harassed but instead they will be put to action and carried on by your many fearful followers. Oh how I wish the world wasn’t such a bad place, but being nice never got what anyone wanted. You also must be aware of all events occurring because “A ruler who ignores what is being done by human beings….. will bring about his own destruction” (Machiavelli 17). Now I am not targeting you as being lazy or unaware but any person in power has to be on guard 24/7 because there are people ready to overthrow you and take away your power you leaving you with nothing, remember humans will betray all, no matter what. Finally any politician or person wanting a position withholding control must be “smart enough not to get the reputation for having those bad qualities which would cause him to lose power” (Machiavelli 17). I do not want you to pretend to be something you’re not because as seen in 2018 it was time for embracing oneself but you must know when to switch on and off your personality. Portray your personality of being fearful, thoughtful and caring for the public but use your dark sides to gain you an advantage over any person that may wish you harm. My advice can change any leader in to a good one but that’s if you decide to take it.

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Sincerely, Niccolo Machiavelli

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