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Impact of digital marketing on yoga in physical education

Impact of digital marketing on yoga in physical education


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Aim of the study is role of some yoga elements in physical education yoga is one of the indian philosophical system that emphasize the importance of the work with the body to develop healthy behaviour and thoughts. Among all the physical posture, called asanas in Sanskrit, are the one that got.

In our modern society the term physical education has been understood different ways. Some says it is the “education of the body” which is educating the body to achieve some skill and abilities as it is done other think it is “education to the body” which is working out only to improve one looks. This is the main reason why people join gym

In fact, the expression physical education originally means “education through the body”, it is using the work with the body as a strategy to reach the noblest goal of education. Both yoga and physical education in their origin use the body as a tool for developing attitudes and abilities that are important to achieve physical and mental health.


The word “ yoga” means to “join or yoke together” it bring body and mind together to become a harmonious experience. Men is the physical mental and spiritual being yoga help promote a balanced development of all the three. Several people all over the world are facing widespread discrimination and intolerance based on caste, creed and religious affiliations amongst other issues which is leading to international strife. However the global community is now realizing the importance of yoga as a sure-shot remedial measure in preventing such atrocities from recurring. This has become amply evident by the fact that 177 countries signed the proposal to declare 21 June as the international day of yoga at the United Nations. Digital marketing for all its amazing opportunities and its potential customer reach 24 hour a day a week, does have one significant challenge that is also based on its greatest potential content marketing work best as much as lower cost than paid advertising in digital media, but it need to be compelling content.

Success for yoga studio through digital marketing

Each marketing media or channel used to service online provides a different values and proposition and we have to analysis which media we should invest time and money. For target local people yoga studio do search engine advertising that is an effective way for start ups. Yoga is fun way to fit be fit and relax in some social enviornement. Social media in this case is best strategy for digital marketing and we can target local people based on profile and interests. This is most cost effective than paid advertising in search engines.

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For instance most yoga student are also interested in healthy living, nutritrious diet, fitness, active lifestyle, emotional and spiritual connection and are very general compensate and open minded with lots of energy and curiosity. By this information we can run social media campaign that target need and wants, better and more effectively.

We can design social media post, images, and video that attract target audience to our yoga studio”,at a very low budget.

Why video marketing works for yoga

In the last few years, online video marketing become the most significant and cost effective marketing method and hence most vital part of marketing mix, before start any social media marketing the one should have a website they does not have to be expensive website with features and options that we don’t need.

Inbound campaigning website refer to website designed to be part of, and integrated with and effective marketing strategy. For instance inbound camping would include the creation of video for promoting yoga classes. such video can include meditation, morning ritual, spine routing heartbeat vinyasa or other programme for individual who wants to relax, meditate, start their moring with burst of energy.

In fact you tube the top 100 yoga videos anywhere from 5000000 to 18 million views, each the top 1000 yoga video in you tube have a minimum of 5000 views each and many of them have anywhere from 25000 to 250000 views that lot of potential customer views.

Social media involvement to promote yoga

Instagram ranks among top 10 leading social networks worldwide. Yoga studio marketer or their outsourced marketing agencies use it every day to reach follower to boost interactions and promote video and classes. Now instagram is little more involved and more time consuming to use for marketing, but the per followers engagement on instagram is substantially higher then face book and twitter.

Which platform is better instagram or face book

Instagram is great for images used for branding and engagement and face book is better for video marketing, while instagram offers much higher engagement per-follower, face book allows yoga video to get high number of views.

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If you have to choose one or the other if we can produce lots of videos, then face book is better options. If we have lots of images with the good content then stay with the instagram which is great for local based small business marketing

The fact that both instagram and face book are needed as a part of smart and cost effective social media marketing for yoga business to connect with our community online.

Instagram has about 150 million active member

Face book has about 200 million active member

Instagram has about 1 million advertisers

Facebook better for visiblity , while instagram better for engagement

Facebook is better for reaching 30-50 year old”,instagram 20-40 year

Instagram highly engaged users for niche products and services


· To find out how digital marketing helps to grow yoga in physical education

· Different strategy used by yoga studio or marketers digitally

· Social impact on yoga

· Understand trends related to yoga in physical education socially and digitally.


The time is provide on research is limited

Still 50% of the world does not have the access to the internet and there are many such area where people are not even literate enough to access internet.

Myths of yoga is it can be learn through books

Research done only 30 people with my class mate due to time limit

Source of data

· primary data

· secondary data


Did survey with my classmate and analysis data.

Analysis of data

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Age group_.png]

Conclusion: The highest age group revert I got is between 15-25 with 89%

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Gender (1).png]

Conclusion: survey was conducted almost equal gender.

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Do you think digital marketing will have impact on yoga in physical education_ (1).png]

Conclusion: Research find that almost 90% of people prefer digital market to promote yoga.

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Does video marketing influence you to do yoga_.png]

Conclusion: survey find that video marketing is so important to show them live demo and educate them about yoga, with 87% of result shows us how it has impacted to customer.

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Which social media do you use more actively_.png]

Conclusion: Todays world are so much socially active, so this research was the reason to find out which social media should we target more.

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[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Which social media site would you suggest yoga should advertise_.png]

Conclusion: Almost every social media is imporatant and every media have their own qualities”,research find that instagram is the proper mean of medium to promote yoga with the proper content.

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of How often you train yourself to be fit_.png]

Conclusion: This survey to find out actual reason how people regular and more active regarding their health

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of What kind of work out, you feel is good for health_.png]

Conclusion: survey was balance but as compare to gym, yoga is the best pratice to do so

[image: C:UsersNehaDownloadsCount of Will advertising have an impact you to prefer yoga_.png]

Conclusion: The survey shows us that how advertising of yoga has impact them.

Pivot summery

Count of Which social media site would you suggest yoga should advertise?

Column Labels

Row Labels



Grand Total

15-25 (AGE GROUP)




Both (Instagram & Facebook)





















25-40 (AGE GROUP)











Grand Total





The overall research shows us that how digital has impact on yoga in education and consumer preference towards social media and how it benefits and adds value to yoga classes. Also it is important to know that which social media has the highest weightage so that media planners can choose correct medium to target more leads. This survey was done mostly by the age group of 15-25 years of people and most of their preference is instagram as the correct medium to advertise yoga class with proper content, images, videos and feedback.


Today industries are more concern about new customer and every customer they want them to give repeat business so it is very important to know every concept of digital marketing and which business suit to which social media as it can give them more reachability, flexibility “,cost saving less time consuming etc.

Today’s generation is more into fitness and health conscious. Yoga provide them best education related to health and fitness. By mean of digital marketing it is creating more leads towards trending world.

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Total 15-25 15-25 25-40 15-25 25-40 15-25 15-25 15-25 Both (Instagram & Facebook) facebook instagram none Youtube YouTube 1 11 1 17 3 3 1 1

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