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Impact of mobile application in our daily life

In this age and day, one thing that we all consider an indispensable part of our lives is smartphones. This device allows us to stay in touch by texting and calling stay fit by tracking how we, move our loved ones, get work done by managing teams and brainstorm by browsing the web. Undoubtedly, almost everything and anything can be done using smartphones. But what create these devices so useful are apps. Apps are, in a way, the soul and heart of every smartphone. People around the world wake up and open one apps installed on their phones.

It is clear the apps have already change the way we live our lives. However, it’s entirely doable to overlook the profound impact apps wear our lives. Let have a glance at however these apps impact our lives

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According to the 106-page report published by Hootsuite and We Are Social, more than one-third of the world’s population has access to mobile apps. That’s 2.549 billion people. And this figure has gone up by thirty percent since last year, which is an additional 581 million. The most wonderful part is: out of the 2.549 billion app users of the global, 1.441 billion reside within in the Asia Pacific region.

Coming down to the specifics. The people spend how much time on different types of apps? According to a study conducted by Flurry Analytics, the number is unclear. Users spend a whooping 3 hours and forty minutes on apps – the bulk of that is spent on social media (nearly twenty seven percent). You might assume that since such a large amount of people use the apps, there would be a very high usage in the apps. Sadly, you couldn’t be more wrong. Out of nearly four million apps on the Apple and Google Stores combined, only thirty six apps are being installed by a regular user; out of these thirty six, only 26 are being used regularly. By often we have tendency to mean apps that are being used at minimum of once a month. But if we glance into apps that are being used daily, the number will not cross 10-12. Of the thirty six installed apps, twenty five percent are going to be used once per six months. All these figures recommend one terribly straightforward: we have a tendency to use the app an excessive amount of dependent on some of apps for our regular activities.

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The first impact of the mobile application in our daily life is impact of the navigation. Long gone are the days when you’re lost without a trusty AA road map. Google Maps, and to a less correct extent, Apple Maps, and other navigation application have enabled us to find our way using just our pocket device. If you don’t knew the path to reach the destination as the navigation application will help us to find the correct way to reach the destination. Added to this, the diminishing suspicion of GPS means that we know exactly where we are and where we need to bel at any time. With have the GPS help it show us the path along with reviews about any particular place and the traffic details, whether it is good or not.

The second impact of the mobile application in our daily life is impact of the learning. In nowadays the information is everywhere, any time and at all the time. The only one thing which will make you more confident for you own self is knowledge, the most powerful thing in the world. The mobile application can help use in learning about our interest and more easily knowing the trends and learning in the mobile is unlimited. If want looking to learn the practical skills, it will provide you with step-by step, if want trying improve the school education, there are more than hundreds of education apps out there on both the Android and IPhone marketplace and if want to learn the new language, you can find the language app to learn the language that with have the interest.

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The third impact of the mobile application in our daily life is impact of the music. Apps such as Soundclound, Spotify, Deezer and other music application have ensure that we are able access any type music that we want at anytime “,anywhere. If one does not have the tune you are looking for, the other music application will trying to solve the tune you are looking for. Furthermore, the genius of the Shazam will discussion about the songs name and names of artists a thing of the past let the database give you the answer. In some ways in which this can be an excellent shame, but it will provide us with the opportunity to re discover and discover excellent music where we want it. The Spotify’s role in the music industry is a there are questions as to whether it benefits or harms the artists, somewhat controversial one, but for the smartphone users will be huge online collection of the stream able music are a revelation.

The last impact of the mobile application in our daily life is impact of the entertainment. In nowadays, the mobile application become trends of the people because the people can download the music application, games application, social media application and other application in the iPhone and android marketplace. With have the iPhone and android marketplace will become more easily to download the mobile application that will become the entertainment of the user mobile phone. From the entertainment, the traditional games will be replace by the mobile phone for the entertainment. So, the tradition game will be disappear after certain time and the mobile phone will become the entertainment of the user mobile phone.

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In the nutshell, the mobile application will continue to play the role and will become major part in our live for the predictable future, and as to smart phones will increases across the world, the people will find more inventive and creative uses for them. For us, the almost boundless nature of app development is the something that will keeps us passionate about the confident, develop our apps and other that we will create the excellent the application that may be used by the people across the global every single day.

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