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In 500 words or less, describe three things that your business colleagues may not know

In 500 words or less, describe three things that your business colleagues may not know

about you.

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These are the revelations I may not share with my business colleagues, not because I am

ashamed of them, I just found them too personal.

I like to watch animation films, especially Disney and Pixar’s movies, because they contain

amazing messages for adults. For example, emotional intelligence lesson is shown in “Inside

out” filmed on 2015: well-known pattern “happiness is a choice” teaches that happiness or joy, to

wit good emotions are essential, whereas other emotions are not good and unimportant. However

“Inside Out” demonstrates that all emotions are equally important. Second but not less important

animated movie that delivers life lesson is “Cars” filmed 2006. Talent is nothing without attitude

and hard working. The main character lost his team because of his ill nature. Transformation of

protagonist in “Cars” shows there is safety in numbers and being a mentee is not a passive role.

Therefore it is more valuable to have supporting team and wise mentor.

I also like certain kind of challenges targeted on changing habits. The most favorite one is “The

Miracle Morning” by Hell Elrod who is author of the eponymous book that really worth the read.

Inspired by Hell Elrod’s personal achievements I have decided to join “The miracle morning”

challenge organized by super active mom blogger from Russian Federation. Incredible results in

very short time impressed me so I with ardent desire decided to share my insights with others. I

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founded Book Readers Club in my town in December 2017 and immediately started my social

project “getting started with mindfulness”. I gathered group of interested readers and we started

thirty day life transformation challenge with the ultimate morning ritual that teaches night owls

how to beat the snooze button, even if you’ve never been a morning person. It is known that how

you start your day largely determines the quality of your day, even your work, and your life. Fact

is there are numbers of participators around the world amount hundreds of thousands and I am

not wondering because Hel Elrod’s Not-So-Obvious Secret to transforming life really works.

Thus I had to conduct TMM challenge to Readers Club periodically per request.

I learned that I will never stop learning. I became mother for the second time and I am still

reading books about parenting. Reading parenting books gives me one important thing – it helps

treat a child with respect. Even if you do not agree with everything or sometimes do not

understand author’s point of view, usually these types of books are permeated with respect for

children and the desire to understand them. I strive to be a conscious parent who has the purpose

to raise a healthy and happy person who has a love for the world and a natural desire for self-

improvement and self-realization.

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