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Information and communication technology

Last updated on 26.05.2020

Trains as a way to travel

Railways are the easiest way of traveling from one place to another by avoiding the traffic on the roads. Accidents occur due to some unknown incidents like the person operating the train. Nowadays advanced technology is coming to end this problem. Automation of Railway engine pilot security system using Biometrics identification.

Methods and disadvantages

There are two methods. One is new and the other one is existing. We will talk about the existing method. In the existing method there is no advanced technology like face recognition and fingerprint sensor. This leads to the loss of many innocent people. In this method the driver just inserts the key and runs the engine of the train.

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There are some disadvantages to this existing system. In this system we can’t assume who is driving the engine or he is well trained and some other responsibilities he can undertake or not. When the driver enters into the cabin he should present his fingerprint. It goes directly to the control room.

The authorities will verify the fingerprint and process the remaining steps to move the train. The authorities will check the fingerprint whether it matches the correct person or not. The sensor will send the information to the control system. The system will analyze the information and verify it. After verifying the data it sends a message to the engine cabin to move the train.

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Data confidentiality

The Data is provided by an individual software called MATLAB. In this software all fingerprints database is provided. When a signal comes to the control system to match the fingerprint then it verifies it with current database. If the fingerprint gets matches with the current database then he was identified as an authorized person to run the engine without any petty issues. If the fingerprint doesn’t match with the current database then he was an unauthorized person.


Nowadays there are many road accidents going in our country. Almost 20-25 percent are the accidents that are occurring on the road. We can’t stop these accidents regularly. Accidents occur due the driving negligence. Some people will be sad during driving due to some unknown things happened in their life. They think about these things while driving. There are various reasons for occurring accidents while driving like happy”, sad”, traffic and health condition.

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