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Innovation and immense curiosity have always been personal driving factors. As a child

Innovation and immense curiosity have always been personal driving factors. As a child

of Russian immigrants who always held the belief that with full investment in my

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education my future would be virtually limitless, I have come to embrace such beliefs

throughout collegiate study and in my career to date.

I am one of a generation that learned to write my first words on a screen controlled by a keypad

rather than pen and paper. The idea of a pay phone is foreign to me. However it was not until

beginning my college studies that I began to appreciate the complex intricasies of computer

science. Before I had just been a fascinated user of modern technology from childhood on –

compelled in teenage years to consider how Google answers each query and probe into the

nature of its search engine. By majoring in Health Information Management, interest in medical

data was amalgated with my lifelong interest in the tools and capacities of computers. In pursuit

of my degree I was able to take courses in. Data Analytics: HIM IT Fundamentals, and Database

Development and Design. I clearly saw that change in every field is virtually technologically

based, dependent on a level of sophisticated knowledge. The potency of a few lines of code with

respect to problem solving was something I couldn’t resist considering my background.

As I progressed in academic work, I increasingly wanted to know everything about how

computers work from architecture and its myriad number of uses as well as gaining increasing

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sophistication in software knowledge and proficiency and also learn how to swiftly apply

innovations in computer science and data analysis. Addressing the need to apply information

acquired to the field of health care and far more. Pursing comprehensive computer science

knowledge and learning to not only develop skills in structure, programming, artificial

intelligence, led me to also consider other career tracks which help companies perform

customized marketing tactics that lay a foundation for customer commitment, but first I had to

explore how my knowledge applied to health care systems, where my education directly applied.

Over the course of several internships I learned how to create systems to capture patient

demographic data as well as using data mining and other methods to respond to information

requests. Employment in the field as an inpatient coding resident extended existing knowledge

with training in ICD 10-CM and PCS codes and allowed me to advancing four levels in

knowledge. One on one work and other training methods resulted in further growth in coding

abilities and techniques. My present position, again with the University of Penn health system”,

has broadened my fund of knowledge through assuming the responsibility of interpreting

medical record documentation in identifying factors that relate to inpatient monitoring. Over the

course of assuming such positions I have reached plateaus of nearly 100% in coding accuracy.

Masters level training in Computer Science with emphasis on data analysis would mean bringing

an innate methodical, imaginative and highly self-motivated approach to deepen skillsets in data

analytics and machine learning as well build critical skills in the nature of how computers

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themselves function with respect to both hardware and software. With such caliber of training I

know that I would be well prepared to assume a leadership position influencing organizational

level decisions and deft in predicting key trends and strategizing accordingly. When Carly

Fiorina, Former CEO of HP, stated that one goal of the conjunction of computer science and data

analytics is to ‘turn data into information, and information into insight’, there could be no better

expression of my own future intentions and aspirations.

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