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Interracial relationships

Could you imagine still at this date been discriminated because you married someone that it’s not of your skin tone or ethnicity? In 2013 a cereal advertisement published by cheerios had serious problems with people online writing mean comments hating on the video and their message. People were mad on the video because apparently it was the first super bowl commercial to have an interracial family. A large minority is still against this. The reason why some people are still mad at this commercial has to do with U.S. history, U.S. laws, and social structure. There is a long history between United States and racism. In about 1771, the Revolutionary era, one book specially stand out the most at this time about this topic. Wheatley and her poetry mentioned “uncultivated barbarian from Africa, could be civilized”. A few years later in 1781 3rd U.S. president noted blacks”are inferiors to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind”. Early 1800s, blacks should be trained for managing their own government and get back to Africa for antislavery purposes. “The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government”,” by James Pike (1874), it looked like this book had some stories about lazy, corrupt Black Republican Politicians. The goal of this book was to demand a national reunion that white rule. Fast Forward to the present, a few decades later in 2010 two years after Obama’s election, a book published by Michelle Alexander by the name of the New Jim Crow. And for more knowledge about the title, it means or its named after the racial caste system so you could probably imagine what this book is about, more of that later on. Anyways, this book is a new york times bestseller and not for everyone but it is a very important book in the change of the mindset of American Culture about African Americans. As I said in the beginning it is a very very long history, it didn’t just started in 1771 but way back also and much more in between the past and the present. This has centuries and centuries of history and has been changing positively this past years in favor of african americans but it would not resolve in a snap of fingers or in a blink of an eye. And that’s just one of the reasons. The laws too play a big role within the the history of racism in America and racism in general. Expanding more on the topic from the end of the first paragraph. It’s crazy reading the rules or laws of the Jim Crow system, one them was that whites were superior than blacks in all ways (by law) at those times, there are more such as they couldn’t shake hands, they even had separate bathrooms! The law bans discrimination in work situations such as firing, hiring, paying, etc. Discrimination also can be involved because a person is married to another person that is not associated with their skin color. In work related environments, a job policy or practice for everyone, can be illegal if it affects negatively the employee, it’s not work related and if it doesn’t has to do with the operation of the business. Laws these days are not as exaggerated as the ones of the Jim Crow but it’s certainly improving over the years and it’s also backing up the race/color discrimination part. American laws were very unfair back then and very racist, there is a very long history to it and it could go on and on as well and as the history part above, this is another reason why. Social structure is something different to all of the above this has to do more with society as a whole and how it is structurized. Imagine a habit, back in the days they were laws against interracial marrying and people were not very used to it as an everyday thing. Now that marrying someone not of your skin color or race is legal there is no problem to it, but obviously there is a percentage in society that is against this law. I’m not saying that everyone hates it and the same with voting, the larger percentage of votes win and not everyone agrees with it. Socially there are some struggles of interracial dating such as, nobody believes you’re a couple, people make snide comments about your partner’s race, people try to guess your partner’s race, and last but not least the children may be affected by it in different ways. It can come as how would the kids look like and the kid could have some identification issues and the other part to it is that if you’re parents are dating you could have a tough time from the backlash of your peers. People also may think “so, are your parents cool with it?” I imagine it can get extremely annoying once you start hearing it more than once.

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