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Is robotics the future of humanity

Ken Eckel 7th grade San Elijo Middle school The Future of Technology “It happens to all species, they eventually become extinct, maybe they have a good run… but then they go.” Technology is a dangerous subject, that I do not agree should be part of the future. However, the future of technology is not in my hands, and I disagree with giving technology more than what we exceed. In other words were overlooking something we fully don’t understand. Technology is becoming so overwhelming that many are forgetting what critical effects the products have against the earth. Thousands of technicians are mass producing technological devices that destroy the earth’s ecosystem by trashing the old, obsolete models. Employment rates and income rates have lowered and technology, “ … has taken over 90% of jobs humans used to do.” says Forbes an american business magazine. Do these factors of earth and human decay not manifest in the minds of great inventors and manufactures? If technology is going to be part of the future people must find ways to pull back on the techno-trash (pollution coming from the production of electronic devices) or else there won’t be a future for earth. In present day, new phones are constantly being designed and produced. After a new phone comes out, it becomes all the craze until a year later another new phone is released and that phone suddenly gets all the attention. But regular citizens don’t usually stop to think what happens to old phones once they become one of the older versions. All the specific materials, old prototypes, and older phones which were never sold, become obsolete.They get trashed. Even creating electronics destroys our environment. “The UN has calculated that producing the average computer and monitor requires 530 pounds of fossil fuels, 48 pounds of chemicals and 1.5 tons of water.” Also in, “April 2002 the billionth personal computer was shipped. The second billion mark was supposedly reached in 2007.” says worldometers a computer usage research company. If pollution keeps at the pace it is going at the moment, global warming will greatly affect the earth. The mass production of technology is not helping the serious environmental crisis. Instead of creating phones that you can watch videos with 4k resolution design people should invent new ways to decrease the impact of global warming. Because of numerous creations of how robots can replace human jobs, robots or machinery can work jobs from factories, constructing buildings, valet and uber-like drivers, and bank tellers to name just a few. Inventors have created these robots to do tasks that make life easier, do task effortlessly, but also making unnecessary things automated. This is good news for some people but also bad news for people that are working to make a living for a family or to simply make ends meet. Where technology replaces regular, low-education jobs there has been a high demand for more advanced jobs such as computer programers, robotics engineers, or any job relating to working with complex technology. The problem with these jobs is that they require a high standard of education, most likely a college degree but, “70 percent of Americans don’t have a college degree.” says Rick Santorum a former member of the United States senate. People should be able to work jobs that do not require a high standard of education so they can earn an income immediately to survive. Humans have created machines to better the lives of people that could use an easier lifestyle. I do agree there are many inventions that are very useful such as floor-vacuum robots, voice activated assistant, and devices that control common household electronics. Although many creations are beneficial, technologists are going to far into what humans need technology for. This creates an era of laziness. For example, self driving cars let is so humans don’t practically need to no how to drive to be in the car while in movement. Also people tend to rely on automated transport devices to bring people to places faster. Technology has come so far that people are wasting time creating robotic waitresses, chefs, and even maids. The problem with this doesn’t need a scientific evidence to understand that daily tasks teach discipline, responsibility, and authority. It isn’t science to know everyone should know how to cook, clean, and work responsibly or independently. Imagine someone in the future waking up from a digital electronic, to be greeted by a google assistant, watching tv while a robot makes you breakfast, to then giving the responsibility of cleaning up the the robotics maid. That’s not all, soon you enter you self driving car, while driving hands free you browse on your phone, and then you arrive at work to start programing a new tech-invention. This way of living never teaches people to do things for themselves, and people will rely too much on mechanics. The reliability is unreal, people will likely drop going to the gym and won’t sustain enough exercise without visiting the gym. People don’t even need to exercise, make food, clean, or even walk! These simple tasks make it possible to keep your body working, but without these energy consumers along with, “250″,000 deaths every year are caused by not exercising” many people won’t survive. Technology also greatly impacts social division and communicating in public. People can text, watch television, play a gaming console, and visit social media sites, and there is no use in going anywhere for social purposes when all you need is on a small screen inside your home. If the future of technology will cease to abate the production of technology, then thousands will become socially and naturally lazy, people without education cannot survive or make a little to no money, and there will be no such things as “a better future”. The changes the earth must surpass will lead to the extinction of a species that maintained well off for a long period of time but must come to an end.

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