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Is the mental health field right for me ?

I have so many questions about being a social worker, working as a counselor, or even how doing this affects your life. Obviously everything that happens at a job like that has to be confidential for the clients rights. The point of this essay is to talk about facts, and if working with people with mental disabilities will be right for me.

How does working with people who have mental illnesses affect your life ? Working long hours, doing live in positions, giving out medications, having to restrain people. Having a good relationship between coworkers and clients is important. If you have someone who doesn’t like you, it’s going to make your shifts harder and more frustrating. You’re going to need a lot of patience, know how to handle a bad situation and stay calm.

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Is the pay of being a social worker worth it ? What are the benefits to the job, and what different types of “social work” jobs are there. Most jobs nowadays you don’t even need to go to college for this type of work. Being a BHP (behavioral healthcare provider) you can start right out of highschool. Of course you’ll need training, but most jobs provide that. Going to college for social work is more if you’re leaning towards counseling, working in a school, or for the state.

My aunt Athena works as a school counselor, and she loves her job working in an elementary school with the little kids. My other aunt Pat, my mom Christina, and my cousin Brianna all do health care in their clients’ houses. It’s sort of a family thing I guess. Even my grandmother worked with people until she couldn’t anymore.

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Social work doesn’t have to mean counseling or working with mental illness. Much of it can be surrounded by drugs. In 2011, “among twelve to seventeen year olds, approximately 2.5 million youths reported using drugs in a month” (Bodden 29). To me, those numbers are crazy to think about. There are a little over a million people who live in the state of Maine. That means across the world, the population of Maine multiplied by two is the number of teenagers using drugs.

I think some part of this has to do with peer pressure, and trying to fit in. Nowadays it’s the cool thing to use psychedelics such as mushrooms and acid (lysergic acid diethylamide). “Raves of the early 1900s were known as much for their attendees’ widespread use of drugs as for their music” (Bodden 27). Cannabis, in my opinion, isn’t a problem as much as people want it to seem. Smoking “weed”, “pot”, “gas” it’s just apart of this culture. I think alcohol has a worse effect.


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