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To day I will introduce Italia . I think Italia is a pretty and graceful country. Although I haven’t been to Italia . Italy has 60″,551″,416 population Italy is a Europe country”,Rome is the capital of Italy. Italia shape like boots in world map. And it’s on southern Europe. Italia east of French,west of Greece. Italia southern has many coastal, so Italia southern have many beaches. For example Sicily have many pretty beaches. And Italia is Subtropical mediterranean climate.

Italia cultural :

Italians is very worship art.classical art is characteristic of Italian art many artists are Italian, lie Michelangelo Buonarroti , Leonardo DaVinci. Many Italian buildings are linked art .Italy was the center of the christian when world in the middle ages. You can see many church in Italy.Italians also very pay attention great attention to etiquette.And Italians are more concerned with results.

Local conditions and customs:

the Italians are very enthusiastic. Italians believe freedom is the most

important.Italians have

problems with punctuality

and collectivism,Italians

often late.Italians like drink

red wine. A lot of people

will sell wine, some are

professional wine sellers. But

some people make their own

wine and they sell the

rest.They will hang

branches of grapes in front

of their houses, and passers-

by would know there was

wine for sale. Once the wine is sold, the green branches will be removed. And


Italians taboo chrysanthemum ,Because chrysanthemums are the flowers used in funeral homes.

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Trade economy:

Italy is the fashion capital, the most famous is Milan fashion. In Italy a lot of clothes are exported everyday , and every day there will be a lot of innovation in fashion design.also Italian red wine is very famous,so many people will buy many red wine Italy.Also Italian tourism is very good, every year many people will go to Italy to travel,

Because Italians culture appeal to us。 Italy will import household appliances and game consoles eat.Italy is poor in natural resource because its terrain and climate are not suitable for agriculture.

Environmental problem and possible solution:

I think the environmental is very important .Milan has a lot of rubbish in the past .Because Milan has high concentration of human activities and the dense population in the cities , more waste water, waste gas and waste residue will be discharged than rural areas to pollute the environment .In 2017, Italian government made some relevant

regulations .

Culture problem and possible solution:

In Italy I think the religion is very particularly. Because religion has a history of more than 2″,000years in Italy.Religion is closely related to Italy, and it impact on


Italy’s politics, culture, economy, ideology and know the


Renaissance reflected the

process of European

ideological and cultural

movement.The Renaissance

began in the cities of Italy

and slowly spread to other

European countries.But now

Italy will has many different

cultures , so maybe religion

will bring some conflicts.

Famous location or region:

Venice is a beautiful water city. There have old building and there have most beautiful squares in the world—piazza san Marco. Venice have a “venetian carnival’’, it has history 1700years. Everyone can wear mask “,and hind the mask social differences will disappear.

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relation with china:

Chinese people like Italian culture, also Italians like Chinese culture.Italy and china are peace, also can say Italy and china are mutual interests. Like the Chinese government owns a large amount of Italian government bonds, so it has many investment projects in Italy.

Italy is a very old country, the culture are diversify . Italy give off itself unique charm.


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