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Its nothing but a thing

Greetings to all Parishioners. Something happened yesterday at the office, and at some point, I was worried about my bones. I was afraid of what the outcome will be while my head was filled with many awful thoughts, someone sent a short video clip to my WhatsApp. At first, I was reluctant to see what was inside the video, but something kept pushing me to have a look so I did. In the video, a pastor of a church was addressing his congregation not to be anxious for anything. He told a short story of how was on a call with a friend then this conversation happened between them;

Friend: Please hold on for a minute

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Pastor: OK, what happened?

Friend: I just spilled my orange juice on my computer

Pastor: What? And you’re this calm?

Friend: Oh! It’s nothing but a thing

The pastor was amazed at how calm his friend was. According to the pastor, his friend was very broke at that time that he wouldn’t have been able to fix the system yet he was very calm about the whole situation. After watching that video, I was calm about my situation and immediately labeled it “It’s nothing but a thing”

St Paul encouraged believers not to be anxious about anything, but we should give thanks to God in every situation. As humans, we are often faced with situations that bring trouble to our souls. People are daily confronted with different shades of negative circumstances which comes in the form of natural disaster, death, sickness, marital issues, depression, and bullying. These things can hit us badly and steals away our joy, peace, and happiness, but the word of God saying to someone this morning “It’s nothing but a thing!” what is it that you’re anxious about? What brings a worry to your soul on a daily basis? What gives you sleepless nights that you have to soak your pillow with tears? The word of God is saying to you today, BE STILL!

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Try not to beat yourself up. Trying to figure out solutions on our own accord will do us no good. When the storms of life come your way, you should not give in to discouragement, and worry rather you should cast all your cares and challenges to Him that loves you more than anyone else in this world. One of the things I love about God is that He has a way of calming down nerves just as in my case. I was tensed and worried, but He got my back, then touched the heart of someone to send a short clip that would help calm my nerves. Is it amazing that He cares so much for His children as a lovely Father? I know, we aren’t prepared for most of the situations we find ourselves. Some of these things happen as we also learn from them, but with the word of God stored in our hearts, we can overcome that anxiety, and hand them over to Christ Jesus.

Sometimes, it seems as if it’s a lot easier to worry about certain things as I did yesterday, but when we let God take control then we will get to understand why Christ is there to help us carry the burden and how beautiful it is not to worry. As a believer of Christ, your attitude and comportment during unexpected situations matter a lot. The way we should handle circumstances should be different from the way of the world because we have someone inside of us who is able to put a stop to it. Where you focus your attention in times of challenges goes a long way in determining where your heart truly lies.

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Whatever it is that you are going through, do not focus on the challenge, turn your eyes on Jesus because with Him on your side, it’s nothing but a thing. It will pass and work out for your good. We don’t have to dwell much on the weight of the storm rather we should try to meditate on the word of God. And that is why we are encouraged as believers to always have His word in our hearts, it stays within us of which we are at liberty to use at will. Dear Parishioners, are you faced with a difficult situation right now? Are you so confused that you don’t know what to do? Are you weary, troubled, or sorrowful? Cheer up! It’s nothing but a thing. Jesus got you covered. He will come and save you from that situation. He hasn’t left you to be alone, He is standing next to you, just be calm and call upon the name of the Lord, believe in Him, and it will bring calmness to your troubled soul, Amen!

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