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Jr.Mod application

Answer the questions below truthfully. If you are lying, you will be instantly denied. Ok Got it! Note: You cannot apply for staff/be staff on Fruity if you currently staff another server/community Got It! Have you ever been banned or muted before on FruityMC?: No. Are you able to fit in 5 hours a week on FruityMC? /ontime: 5 If not more, 2-3 hours a day is a fair number for me. You agree that if you ask about the status of your application you will be instantly denied: Yes, Sounds fair. Have you applied for staff on FruityMC in the past? If you’ve been rejected, please note that you must wait one month to re-apply: No I have not. Short Answer Questions In-Game Name: BBlocklord Discord & # {Penguin#0297}: Nova#2022 TimeZone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) Age: 16 What other hobbies do you pursue than just playing Minecraft?: Some other Hobbies that I have are, League of legends in the gaming category. I also play guitar, Piano and Bass Guitar, I also play golf, baseball and tennis. How many hours per week will you be able to put into the server?: I will be able to put approximately 10-15 hours a week including weekends Do you understand the rules of the server?: Yes Medium Answer Questions What do you believe the role of a staff member is?: The role of a staff member is not as simple as helping someone, Its also making sure that the community is a nice and safe environment, and also making sure everyone is content and happy playing prison! Have you ever been staff on any Minecraft servers? if you have, what position and for how long? {Current positions}: In my 4+ years of playing Minecraft, I have been staff on many servers. I have been a Jr Moderator on mineplex for approximately 6 months when I transferred over to their builders group, where I built parts of the Hub for around 1-2 months. After that excursion I found myself being let go from mineplex, this was when they started letting many people go for lack of players on their server, this time period was called that falling of mineplex, Someone from hypixel, a newer server at that time, reached out to me and asked me to become a Jr. Moderator. After around a year of being stuck in jr moderator position for some reason I wanted to take a break, so I joined a smaller server to help build , this was purpleprison, and fast forward a couple years of taking a break and helping small servers out with building off and on, Now I caught you all up to Today! Long Answer Questions Why do you want to be staff?: throughout my years and years of being a jr mod , I have come across the same sort of problem, I call it the learning curve of new servers. Its not bad nor good, what happens is the server starts to stop gaining new members, and the current members play, but their is no growth, I have not found what the problem is, I thought it could be because minecraft isn’t as big as it used to be like back in 2014-15 days , but that wasn’t the problem. I went around asking people why they think that mineplex grew so much and is now declining in players and why hypixel for the longest time remained untouched and when mineplex’s player base decreased Hypixels increased. Many said to me “Maybe treat Minecrafts player base as a flock of birds, when the food is gone in one area they all migrate to another fresh area ‘server’. ” I did not want to accept that fact because that would mean that every server will suddenly have a ton of players and then they will just all vanish, no, I want this server to be better than that. I want to have a Solid Staff teams, guns loaded to take on this very bad fact, I want this server to be known to many people just like Mineplex and Hypixel as the single server that took prison to another level. And I want to help do this. What makes you better than the rest and why should we choose you?: I’m not gonna keep repeating myself from the previous questions so this will be sort of a run on from the previous question. I see a lot of potential in this server, probably more than my other smaller server excursions, but this potential is hard to reach if you don’t have people who are willing to sacrifice some of their leisure time into helping the server grow and prepare for the long haul. Many people who apply for staff just want the title, they look all high and mighty with their in game title. I am not one of those, With power comes responsibility, but let me add more to that well known quote, “With power comes the responsibility to exceed the expectations of others” If someone that has this much power on your staff team cannot go by this, then we will be like any other smaller serve, stuck at a standstill with no resources coming in or out of this server. How will you being staff benefit the server?: Again, you will just have to keep in mind what you read previously. Servers like these have a lot of potential to grow, lets just say we have 50 members online, or on discord. If you have each of them offer one single cool concept that could be added in the server. We will have 50 cool unique things that will separate us from other servers. I know easier said than done but just think about it. I also think this quote will help us a lot by seeing things differently, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Let me explain, If you just give a player what they want, they will end up 1. not knowing how to do it and 2. asking again, but if teach them how to do the task that they are not sure on how to do, they will end up knowing more and being more grateful and extending their knowledge. This can be applied to many things. If you learn a new thing everyday, in 100 days you will know how to do 100 more things that you previously didn’t know how to do. coming back to the question, I can use my 4+ years of experience to help the server in any way I can and you need, to be honest the only thing that I am not so good at is red stone, but it looks like you guys have it turned off, I would say for lag purposes How would you deal with a spammer?: I always remember this when dealing with a spammer, If you cannot understand and get through to him/her then he will just keep spamming, for me I tend not to jump right into the strike system, depending quantity of the spams and the severity of the message I tend to have different approaches, for example if someone is spamming a huge paragraph, I know that he probably wont see my message in chat so If their is a command, I would mute him temporarily in chat, and then ask him what he needs, but this course of action usually wont work on big servers if multiple people are spamming because I cant talk to 5 people at once, so probably implement a system where if you repeat the same thing to many times you cant say anything in chat for intervals of 30 seconds. Someone informs you that someone else is hacking, what do you do?: well first of all, innocent until proven guilty. I would invisibly spectate them to see what they are doing, if I see them hacking, then depending on what they are doing I will either give them a warning, a 1 minute tempo ban informing them that “you have been suspected to be cheating/hacking, this is your only warning”. but if it is more severe like kill aura or killing someone at the mines or something along those lines I would instantly temp ban for X days or if he/she wont stop then a perma ban, they can also go to the request for unban section of this forum if I’m not mistaken. Someone is disrespecting you and other players, what should you do?: I want this server to be a nice and positive environment, but joking around to an extent wont hurt anyone, but if they are intentionally trying to hurt someones feelings than I would kick them from the server temporarily until they are ready to apologize in front of the whole server for humiliation. I don’t like bullies, I was bullied at a young age for being a year ahead of everyone in the maths and sciences, they would call me “four eyes or get out of our grade”. So I do not like bullies nor will I tolerate a lot of them. Suppose you are being pressured by your friend to unban a player they know. You really like them but don’t want to hurt their feelings. What do you do?: This is a simple question with a simple answer that I don’t need to go in depth explaining, I would just say go to the forum page and request a unban, if I personally know them I personally cannot unban them nor look at the forum, Someone else will have to for an unbiased viewpoint. A new player joins and he starts asking you questions, left right and centre. You get annoyed at the fact he keeps asking them. What do you do?: I would not get annoyed, I would be happy that someone is so interested in the server, but if their is a chance I do get annoyed, I wont put the hate on them because It’s my fault that I cannot tolerate him at that moment, I’m not gonna blame him for my intolerance, so I will “happily ” answer is questions with out showing a rude tone of voice.

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