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Justice and forgiveness

Justice and Forgiveness

The article “Old Rape Kits Finally Got Tested. 64 Attackers Were Convicted.” is about how a women, Maisha Sudbeck, was raped in 2012. She had a rape kit tested on her that went untested. The case was eventually forgotten and left behind. In 2017 the kits were tested by a lawyer and found that the test came positive and a man was arrested on 6 accounts of rape on different women. This incident caused an additional 55″,000 rape kits tested, 165 prosecutions, and 64 people were convicted. This gave Maisha the justice that she deserved and needed. Forgiveness would be hard to give to the rapist for most people. Rape is a crime that can personally affect someone’s life negatively forever. Many victims are mentally scarred for life from being raped. In most people’s mind that would be unforgivable. I wouldn’t blame them because forgiveness to someone who changed your life negatively and made a person scared just to trust another person in my eyes would be unforgivable. Therefore I believe that justice and forgiveness do not go hand in hand in most scenarios. I couldn’t imagine forgiving a person who raped six innocent women and nearly got away with it. My idea of forgiveness is being able to completely not care about the event that occured and put it behind them. When something to that extent would happen it would be immensely impressive to completely forgive someone for it. Justice is getting what someone deserves being good or bad. The rapist eventually got caught and convicted for his crimes. He got what he deserved even though it took longer than it should have. Justice and forgiveness can not go hand in hand in most cases because they all have consequences that will always be remembered and a grudge will always be kept even if it is to a very small degree. That being said, this article is a great example to show that justice and forgiveness are near opposites when it comes to personal lives of someone. In conclusion, justice and forgiveness do not go hand in hand and are near impossible to coincide with each other. They are one sided and usually only have one or the other. It is like this due to their inability to keep both and completely have one of them without have a little of one without the other. Therefore they are not hand in hand.

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