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Kodai lake

Kodai lake Is there any place as mesmerizing and appealing than Kodai Lake? There isn’t , we guess! The lake is artificially made and draws a large number of visitors from all across India. It was in 1863 that a Madurai collector during British Raj by the name of Henry Levinge, created it. The lake sits gorgeously amidst the town of Kodai, and is shaped in the form of a star which makes it very unique looking. Positioned at a height of 2285 meters, Kodai Lake is encompassed by the charming Palani Hills that offer a great contrast of green against the clear waters. Interesting activities for tourists  One very interesting activity to indulge in this lake is fishing. You can spot many families with kids indulging in it.  Boating service is also present. One can take boat rides in two seaters and shikaras. The TNTDC offers this service at very nominal rates. It also offers luxury boating facilities.  You can also enjoy the lake’s flower shows that are held very frequently. These shows pull hundreds to the lake that come here to see these charming water blossoms as well as a famous fashion show that’s organized too. The shows are generally organized in summer.  If you are young at heart, then cycling and horse riding are other enjoyable sports to indulge in. Interesting trivia about the lake  See the flower that takes 12 years to bloom on the lake’s catchment area. Regarded as a gift to the world, Kurinji grows here in all its glory.  You can also spot many varieties of hilly fruits here.  The lake has abundant growth of Macophytes as well as fish like carp. While boating, do not be startled to spot rainbow trouts too! Tips for tourists  Government officials at this lake give you importantinformation relating to it.  You can shop to your heart’s content at many of the souvenir shops here.  With a wide range of food stalls, you can eat many kinds of food.  Visit the lake in summer months of April, May and June. The weather is apt for boating and all other kinds of sports.  The lake remains open from 6 in the morning to 5 in the evening.  Entry is free for all.  If you’re travelling by train, Kodai Road’s station is one of the nearest. Its positioned 80 kilometers away. Palani rain station is 64 kilometers in distance. If you wish, you can take buses to reach this lake. Kodai Lake is magnificent from all angles. Its a gem that needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime.

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