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Are you a home buyer, home seller, mortgage officer, realtor or into commercial real estate and located in Orange County, Los Angeles or surrounding environs of California? You would be needing professional and detail attentive inspectors to not only thoroughly assess major components of your property, but to also educate you on the property in question. We at Signature Homes are your assured best bet, a go to for Los Angeles Home Inspections.

For Home Inspection;

We have two home inspection packages; the basic package and the signature package.

Basic Inspection Package

The inspection covered by this package is carried out by one of our qualified master inspectors. Under this package you are assigned a personal home assistant to help make your move easier as well as handle all repair and maintenance issues using your $100 handyman coupon.

You’ll also be given a free copy of The Ultimate Home Book- A Guide to Operating Your Home, a free lifetime membership worth $199 to Home Owners Resource and a mobile and digital summary report with photos, delivered that same day!

Signature Inspection Package

This package includes all components of the basic inspection package as well as some added advantages such as:

1) A Repair Cost Pricer Report which can be delivered within 24 hours or less

2) Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan that helps reveal damages that would have been oblivious to the naked eye.

3) Sprinkler and Irrigation Inspection.

4) A 5 Year Roof Leak Protection for leaks not found at the inspection.

5) Other components include; Moldsafe, Sewergard, 90 Day Warranty Plus and Recallchek.

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Apart from offering quality home inspections we also handle commercial inspections and cover areas such as HVAC, interior, building structure, electrical, safety issues and many more.

Contact us anytime at 888-860-2688 for further enquiries or to schedule an appointment. You can also get $50 of your total cost by clicking on the link below and using the promo code: ONLINE

Before buying or selling a house or commercial property it is very necessary, especially health wise to get a mold inspection. If you are located in Orange County Los Angeles or surrounding environs of California, contact Signature Home Inspections for your Los Angeles Mold Inspection at 888-860-2688.

We have certified and fully trained inspectors, we also surpass the standards of practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Homes in Los Angeles are in good hands as regards detecting of mold and mold treatments because of us.

As a buyer it is beneficial that you carry out mold sampling and testing on the property before finalizing purchase, this saves you from discomfort, health issues including respiratory problems and saves you from putting down money on a property not entirely safe for you.

At Signature Homes Inspection our mold testing process involves us assessing both the interior and exterior parts of your property in the following steps:

1) Our professional mold inspectors begin by making a thorough search of your homes for any visible indications of mold or moisture build up.

2) After that we then take indoor and outdoor air samples which we analyze at a nationally accredited laboratory. Air samples are taken because it is impossible for us to visibly check for mold in every nook and cranny of the home as mold usually forms inside walls and other spaces that may not be accessible.

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3) Next we send a report of our test findings. The results would show either a mold free building or indicate the presence of mold, in which case the situation would be clearly explained to you and help would be offered.

It is necessary to state that the results of a mold test are only viable for the period of time which the test was carried out. There is really no way to determine future occurrence of mold as its growth is influenced by factors beyond our control.

Worried about an existing sewer line damage in your home or the potentials of sewer damage in a property you’re about to purchase? Look no further than Signature Home Inspection for your solution. At Signature Home Inspection, we offer and deliver qualified sewer inspections to Los Angeles homes, either as an option or as part of a home inspection.

It is well known that replacing a sewer or drainage line is quite costly and inconvenient especially in cases where driveways and foundations have to be torn down. Estimates ranging between $5k -$10k. Due to this heavy costs it is advisable for new buyers to run a sewer line inspection beforehand.

How Do We Run The Sewer Line Inspection?

In running our Los Angeles sewer inspection, we make use of state-of-the-art digital color cameras to run a color scan of the main drain line of your house. The main drain line is the connecting line between your sewer and that of your street or your septic tank. What we do is we insert the camera through a cleaned and emptied part of the sewer, we then run it through the pipe till it reaches the septic tank or your public sewer line.

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The images gathered from this color scan if clear signify the absence of any sewer problem, if not the images would be handed to a contractor who would then give a quotation on how to fix and handle whatever the sewer damage may be.

It is necessary that we state that sewer inspections carried out during the period of a home inspection may not be able to effectively detect damaged drain lines as the amount of water used during the standard home inspection is less than that used by a family.

Avoid being a victim of heavy sewer repair costs and just contact us today at 888-860-2688. We are available to you 24 hours of a day, seven days of the week. You can also schedule an appointment with us online using this link ( and promo code: ONLINE to save $50 of your total costs.

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