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Landing cost development

Landing cost development is always a relevant question. And it will be so as long as one-page continues to bring profit and expand its customer base. The price of developing the landing page is ambiguous and depends on a number of factors. First of all, who created the site, what level of training does the developer have and what features does he have. Therefore, we decided to create an article in which we consider all existing options for creating a landing page: from free to the most expensive. In this article, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and we will also guide you according to the budget that you will need if you decide on one of them. How to make a landing page: ways to create and their price range Today, every entrepreneur who wants to get a selling page is offered a number of options for its creation. We will consider each of them in detail, specifying all the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect. Online constructors landing page Today, for each user who wants to get a good one-page, and save on its development, there is a wide variety of online designers. These are special services created for quick website creation. With the help of some of them you can develop any kind of websites, and some are sharpened directly for the manufacture of the selling page. Both are practically identical in terms of results. Their difference lies only in the possibilities and cost of tariffs. Advantages and disadvantages of using designers Landing Page Before we consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular online services, we will tell you about the pros and cons of their use. Let’s start with the benefits: All existing services provide a free period for testing ranging from 7 to 30 days. During this time, you can view the capabilities of the service and start developing your site; All services provide a host. It is convenient, no need to spend time on its selection and analysis; Each stage: from registration to the development of the site takes a minimum of time. Using the service, you can create a landing page for several days; Advanced online designers contain a library with a vast number of ready-made layouts. You can choose the one you like, sharpening it for your business; Online designers are functional and customized. They allow you to create an adaptive version of one-page, contain tools for promotion, communication with customers. Each element can be customized; Some online designers assume the creation of multilending, which change and adapt to the visitor, based on his requests and offering a more interesting offer to him. All of the above advantages of online designers create a pretty nice picture. Convenient service with which even a beginner can independently create a beautiful and effective selling page. What could be wrong? It’s time to talk about the shortcomings of such services. Disadvantages of online designers Landing page: As soon as the test period for using the service ends, it is necessary to purchase a paid tariff. The more features it includes, the more expensive it is. Fees for tariffs are charged monthly, the cost of tariffs for some services is quite high; You can create your website during the test period, but it will be very limited in capabilities, since with free use of the designer its functionality is very limited. Want to expand it – pay the fare. But even in the most expensive tariffs, there are not always those functions that you need; Even if the library service includes 1000 ready-made templates, any of them will be non-unique. And this will see both your customers and the search algorithm; Hosting for your landing page is offered for free. But its quality is doubtful. With critical loads, it can lie down. Want to transfer your Landos to another host? Please pay for it. Moreover, not every service provides for the possibility of transferring the site to your hosting. And in this case you are powerless; Some services require you to place a banner on your landing page with an advertisement for an online designer, whether you want to or not; It is not enough to know the principle of managing an online constructor. You must be able to develop a selling structure, understand the principles of UX, have a sense of style and understand which design will work best on Central Asia; Non-unique design; A one-page page designed in haste, adversely affects the prestige of the company. If you are a beginner and have never developed a site before, then your user will definitely see it, since you do not have the necessary knowledge. Because of this, the site is perceived raw, inconvenient and defective. That will certainly affect the conversion, and for the worse for you. But in fact, everything is not so bad. Developing an ice page will be an excellent option for a startup or in case you need to test a niche in which you are new. But for the work of the site for the future, landing pages developed on online designers are not the best topic. At least because they are not unique. In this case, it is better to make a unique one-page for the order. Yes, advanced constructor services allow you to make a pretty good landing page. But if, in your opinion, the site meets the requirements of a one-page vendor, contains all the necessary blocks and looks very impressive, then, most likely, the creation cost its owner serious money. Therefore, saving is not necessary. The cost of developing a landing page with the help of online designers can vary from 2 to 250 dollars per month. Depending on the selected tariff, the user is offered a number of functions that can improve one or another part of the future landing page. Considering each individual online designer landing pages does not make sense, since there are a huge number of them and each offers a completely different package of services. If you give preference to designers, remember that saving on payment of the tariff will certainly affect the quality of your site. Therefore, if you want to get a really good one-page as a result, do not save. In the opposite case, your work will fail because of a lack of functions and, as a result, a large number of failures. Acquisition of ready-made landing pages based on templates The easiest option is to buy a ready-made landing page. Here you need to put a minimum of effort: change the UTP, the content and part of the page design, if for some reason it does not suit you. It’s simple. Plus, this option implies a number of undeniable advantages: Absolute saving of time and effort. No need to look for an artist, agree on the nuances of development, wait until the site is ready. We simply chose a project that I liked, edited it a little, set up the PCC and already receive the first visits and orders; This option is much cheaper than ordering the creation of the landing page from scratch. The average cost of templates is $ 10 – $ 20, although there are design options where the price of a template can reach $ 50; There are a lot of templates on the Internet. There are specialized portals with a huge number of them, for example: or Choose what you like, and based on it create your selling one-page website. But be on the alert. Do not rush to search for exchange templates and buy one of them. After all, it is worth remembering the shortcomings. And they are significant. The seller of the template is one goal – to sell it and get money. He doesn’t care about your business. Yes, it is possible that the minimum work on fitting the template will be performed for you so that it is close to your offer. Perhaps, for the sake of you, the site structure will be partially developed. But no one will ever promise you any conversion. Therefore, luck comes into play here: lucky or not. Sometimes such template landing pages bring very good results. Sometimes – zero. Very often there are problems when changing the template. Want to insert another image, and it will float in size. Or other photos and icons will not fall into place. And for edits, you will need to contact a programmer, which will result in unexpected costs and, at times, quite considerable ones. And do not forget that you will have to fill the site yourself: write selling content, choose a photo. And this is a huge risk to make mistakes, since such work requires knowledge and experience. Therefore, there is always a chance to create a failed project and lose their leads. Yes, buying a template and developing a landing page based on it is a risky option. But he fully deserves attention. Such sites will be a good way to check the profitability of your chosen business or if you need to hold short-term actions. In addition, the cost of templates is ridiculous by today’s standards, but do not forget that you will have to fill in the template yourself or contact the experts if you do not have experience in this. And this, again, additional costs. Creating a landing page with a freelancer Do you have a limited budget? Then consider the option of creating your own landing page by a freelancer. Today there are millions around the world, ready to grab onto your project. There are specialized exchanges where absolutely different services are offered: from logo design to creating and promoting landing by any existing means, for example, or Kabanchik. Here you have to choose and decide. Some freelancers are ready to develop the site and say goodbye to you, breaking the cooperation. Some will lead your project to the victorious, promoting it. Consider the advantages of this method of creating a landing: Freelancer services are cheaper than web site development. Newbies freelancers are ready to work with you for 70-150 dollars. The average price range is in the range of 50-1000 bucks for the work of a freelancer. It is not a fact that there is a designer, copywriter and other specialists on staff. If not, cooperation will cost more. But it is in any case cheaper than ordering a landing page in a professional web studio; The task is performed by only one person, with him and demand. You can always contact him directly and get advice; Turning to an experienced specialist, there is a high probability of becoming the owner of a decent project and high-quality services. But before you find a good specialist, you have to go through seven circles of hell. Here, like a finger to the sky – either you are lucky or you spend your time and money nowhere. When choosing a freelancer should be guided by his experience (as evidenced by reviews on stock exchanges and portfolios). But even if you contact a specialist with hundreds of positive reviews, you do not lose risks: You cannot be sure that the developer will get in touch at the moment when it is needed; Cooperation is not legally enforced. You do not enter into a service agreement. Consequently, no one guarantees that the project will be delivered on time or its cost will not change; The primary goal of the performer – to get your income. He is not particularly interested in the success of your business. All work is done by one person. And this is a fat minus. Freelancer can not replace a whole group of people who work in a web studio to create a project. He is not a marketer, so he will not conduct a marketing analysis. He will not be able to properly compile the UTP and the selling content. Freelancer can be strong in design, but poorly understand the principle of typesetting, creating error after error in the process of work. Or, on the contrary, to be a professional in layout, but absolutely no taste, which will affect the design of the site. Of course, there is an option to apply separately to each specialist: a freelance designer, a freelancer – a programmer. But it’s not a fact that the total amount of expenses will suit you, but you will like the result, as the risk of errors increases due to a specialist’s lack of understanding of what is required of him or not knowing the idea of the project as a whole. If you want to save money and plan to order a landing page at a low price, then, most likely, the design will be template. And if you decide not to save money and turn to a professional who is recommended by hundreds of companies, then be prepared to spend money. Specialists who know their capabilities and understand what results you will achieve based on them, can offer their services in the range of 1500-2000 dollars. Yes, as a result you will get a cool one-page. But in any case you are not insured against risks. Order landing page in web studio The most proven, but not the cheapest option is to order a landing page in a web studio. Across Ukraine (not to mention the CIS), there are hundreds of web-studios of various levels: from young companies to the largest digital agencies that cooperate with business sharks. Applying for services to a web-studio of any level a priori has valuable advantages that no other option of buying a landing page can offer: Cooperation under a formal agreement, which fixes the agreed amount and terms. They can not change. In the opposite case, you, as a client, can sue the contractor for breach of obligations; In web studios there is a team of developers, each of which performs its own range of tasks. This reduces the likelihood of error tolerance due to limited workload; Experienced web studios offer a full range of works: from marketing and SEO analysis to Internet marketing and integrated long-term project promotion. Web Studio is fully responsible for their work and for the final result. Developers are interested in the success of your business, since the more you earn profits, the longer you work with the company. In addition, good reviews for web studios are very expensive. They form the image of the company, position it in a niche that brings new customers. Therefore, the Landing conversion is always analyzed (during the cooperation period), A / B testing is conducted, traffic channels are analyzed and the most profitable are selected. Web studio developers are always laid out to the maximum, which can not be said about the same freelancer. And now about the exciting … How much does it cost to create a landing page in a web studio? The cost of services depends on a number of factors: the number of employees who work in the web studio, the image of the company and its capabilities. Therefore, today you can easily find a studio in Kiev, which agrees to develop a landing for you for $ 500, and a digital agency that will bill you for the creation of 3000 bucks. Why is there such a big difference in the amount? Consider more.

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