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Leadership assignment

II. Based on your study in the course, identify the best leadership style for your team /department/organization. Identify the reasons behind your choice.

Assignment Record Form

Student Name : Mr. Aung Ko Ko Oo

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IC Number : 12/DaGaTa (N) 058933

Nationality : Myanmar

Learning Center (Where Applicable) : Continuous Learning Center

Course : Executive Diploma In Business Management

Term : March to June Term (2019)

Module Title : Management & Leadership

Centre Facilitator Name : Dr.Ohn Mar Tin Myint

Assignment Submission Due Date : Before 31st March 2019

Status : Completed

Total Word Count : 1000 Words

Our Company Profile

Realm Marketing & Distribution Company Limited was established in September 2013 has been operating with 29 staffs and office is located in Yangon, Myanmar. Company’s founders are U Phone Zayar Win (MD) and Daw Su Yuzar Zaw (Director) .We are doing Marketing & Distribution services.

• Marketing sectors – providing full range of Printing, Creation, Advertising and Marketing services to Manufacturing Sector, Distribution, Food & Beverages Company, Bank and other Industries. With this unending journey, simultaneously we have collected a lot of experience and constantly upgraded our strengths in all areas of event execution and event management.

• Distribution sectors – importing from Turkey & Malaysia products, this products distributed to market in my country. We are based on distribution channels with general trade, modern trade, wholesale and dealer channel. Our products are Deep Fresh brand (Baby Wet Tissue, Hand Wash) importing from Turkey, Fruitty brand (Vitamin Drink) from Malaysia and My Bizcuit brand (Cookies) from Malaysia.

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Our Vision

To be number one event management organizer and also distribution company in Myanmar.

Our Mission

• To provide results-oriented Creation, Advertising, Printing and Marketing designed to meet our client`s objectives by providing strong marketing concepts with excellent customer service.

• To provide results-oriented Promotion, Customer Satisfaction to meet regular customer and royal customer our distribution products.

Core Value

• Trust

• Mutual Respect

• Ethics

• Integrity

My favorite Leadership style is been democratic leadership style. That was using in our organization from top to button. But democratic leadership has a little weakness also has a good style our organization. Because we can do together Thinking, Conclusion, Working, Solving, Felling and Winning.

Democratic Leadership or Participative Leadership

even if a democratic leader will make the final decision, he or she invites other members of the team to contribute to the decision-making process. This not only increases job satisfaction by linking employees or team members in what’s going on, but it also helps to develop people’s skills. Employees and group members feel in control of their own vocation, and so are motivated to work hard by more than just a monetary reward. Democratic leadership can produce high quantity work for long periods of time. Many employees like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, teamspirit, andhighmorale.

Advantages of democratic leadership

The advantages of the leadership style come from the increased involvement of subordinates. First, being part of a group and having an equal say in the running of things, will provide a sense of empowerment for employees. When the subordinate feels included and able to have a say, the job satisfaction rate can improve as a result. You don’t feel as a machine just doing what you are told, but a part of the organization.

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Being more involved with the projects and tasks will increase the subordinate’s commitment levels. As Lewin and his colleagues found during their experiments, the enhanced inclusion in decision-making spills over to how attached one feels to the task. When you feel your contribution is important, you want to put your heart and soul into achieving the results. In essence, the subordinates see themselves invested in the outcome. This in turn is beneficial for the organization because it can lead to projects being finished more efficiently.

Furthermore, democratic leadership also enjoys from the benefits of diverse opinions. Since the decision-making process is based on sharing ideas and collaborating as a team to reach a consensus, the decisions are more thought-through and could better answer the needs of the organization. There is more balance, and the discussion before the decisions are made can point out any problems the process and project might have. These can then be eradicated or prepared for better.

Gathering different opinions over decisions isn’t just about the diverse ideas it brings about, but also the increased knowledge. People are experts on different things and by asking a group of people to contribute, you guarantee the people who know the most about a giving subject, provide their expertise. Therefore, decisions made within a group can show higher competence levels.

Furthermore, the solutions are not decided on a whim, but are thoroughly thought through, as the process requires people to discuss the ideas before the decision. This has the possibility of ensuring the option the organization goes for has been tested for possible risks and therefore, the group can be better prepared for everything.

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Innovation is flourished because people are free to share ideas, offer feedback and challenge the current ways of doing things. The democratic environment looks outside of the box and constantly wonders whether behaviors, actions and ideas can be improved. For a business, this kind of environment can provide benefits in terms of productivity and product development.

In addition, consensus in decision-making can help create a stronger vision of the future and ensure everyone is as committed to working towards these objectives. Even though people might not always agree with the group’s decision, they have nonetheless been part of the process and have, hopefully, understood the reasoning behind the decision. This can ensure cohesion within the group and strengthen everyone’s commitment to achieving the goal.

Disadvantages of democratic leadership

While it’s easy to understand democratic leadership through the above advantages, the leadership framework shouldn’t be considered error free. There are specific disadvantages of the theory and it is important leaders are aware of these.

First, as mentioned in the first section, the leadership theory has often lacked a proper definition of what the democratic leadership actually entails. The clarity in definitions matters, as it makes measurement of the theory’s effectiveness rather difficult. As Gastil’s research showed, the framework has been used to describe systems that didn’t actually include democratic participation.

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