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Leadership outcome

Leadership lecture has made me learned how to work in collaboration to produce a creative action through cooperation and ability to negotiate disagreement fairly at work or in any situation, this direction has created synergy as a members build trust in one another.

Social understanding- I have learned how to understand and be an agent of positive social change, capacity to be critical in the way things are and raise a new question for change and understanding how my work fit into larger idea and movement. I have also learned how individual situations are shaped by a deeper connection in understanding social problems and how past and present are shaping our environment and society at large.

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The lecture has improved my leadership skills in the sense that every idea may not be mine but by taking suggestion and guiding principles from other leaders can spark idea from unrelated field to an effective leadership status, also to understand between theory and practices, and makes me a person who is willing to share his knowledge actively by promoting self-awareness in others.

Cultural awareness- group discussion and interaction has taught me about cultural awareness and it has shape my behavior and perceptions about how others may respond and understand and respect other people culture by recognizing diverse perspectives and approach in solving social problem which will lead to building relationship across boundaries.

Democratic leadership- It has made me to be open in receiving feedback about how to improve and learning from failure and looking for new knowledge and creating learning opportunities. This has led to an increase in my perception of reality on how people behave and how to get along and be fair in judgement by carefully studying the situation and the forces affecting it and know at what points to be in order to achieve desirable result.

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Responsible leadership- the lecture has taught me how leaders act ethically and socially by applying general ethics principles and standard behavior in an organization and how socially responsible businesses conduct their activities in ethical manner with effective management, having a fair and beneficial work practices will increases commitment and productivity which in turn will lead to profitability and sustainability of an organization.

Self-examination and awareness – the lecture enable me to be aware of my leadership style and how is different from others, to be aware of my strength and weaknesses and be able to critically examine my role in organization and community which will lead to making an inform decision.

New ideas-The lecture has encouraged me to be willing to try new things and experiment with ideas, believe in myself and having sense of confidence to be challenged without feeling minimized, to act ethically and demonstrate courage and trustworthiness in handling issues.

Change- understanding change as constant thing, needs for change and resistance to change in organization and society, and how the effect of change has re-position organization into profitability and sustainability, I have learned how effective to focus on stimulating an environment where innovation can occur and understand forces against change and tactics to overcome resistance to change

Conclusion-the leadership development lecture has enable clearer picture of purpose in my academic and career path

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