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Legal issues

Information Technology has been an active participant in our lives for past thirty years, and has been even more active with increased dependancy on electronic devices and internet for various needs such as business, education etc… Legal issues are becoming more important these days as consequences of these vast activities. Keeping these in mind one should follow the BCS code of conduct while doing their duty.

I shall carry my work with responsibility and put maximum effort to meet deadlines while satisfying the authority’s needs. For example when a higher authority gives me project, I will do that in given time and in accordance to the requirement of the boss going in the right way. I shall not do the work illegally to make it complete faster and follow the rules at all times.

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I shall seek to avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict between me and my boss. Example: If I was given a project based on programming and he wants it to get done in a particular order. If I have some other opinion to get it done I shall follow his interest to avoid conflicts. Many people may have different ways of doing the project but the authority follows the clients needs to do it.

The IT industry is always growing, so the needs and demands. As an IT professional one must carry out the responsibilities either as an engineer or supervisor. He/she holds the responsibility of employees working under them. For example a project is under way and an employee has done a mistake it our responsibility to check for errors. If the client is using the defective software and experiencing drawbacks the supervisor should accept the responsibility for the defective software.

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A project underway is always confidential in any industry. So one must not disclose or authorised to be disclosed the project in any way for personal gain or third party use. It would be against the law.Example: recently an Apple engineer was fired because he let his daughter use the prototype device of iPhone X without the permission of his authority.

I shall not give false information about the product, systems or services. If I want to sell a product, I will not give false information to make him buy the product which is against the law and I will not take advantage of the situation because the person lacks information or experience.

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